• BL670 Portable Infrared Calibrator / Black Body

    • Temperature 35℃ to 45℃
    • Target size is 70 mm x 70 mm
    • Emissivity is 0.95
    • Accuracy is better than ± 0.1℃
    • Control stability is ± 0.1℃ per hour
    • Heat up time is 2-10 minutes depends
    • Built-in temperature correction function
    • Calibrate Infrared image camera
    • Test radiation thermometer
  • BL671 Portable Blackbody Calibration Source

    The BL671 is a small size blackbody calibration source utilizing a digital indicating temperature ambient 30℃ to 50℃ (86F to 122F).
    • 0.05℃ high stabillity
    • Calibrate from 30℃ to 50℃
    • Quickly heat up to 50℃ in 10 minutes
    • Target size is 70mm x 70mm
    • Built-in temperature correction function
    • Quick and easy operate
    • Portable and light weight
  • EDT-SS Early Detection & Temperature Screening System

    • Non-contact temperature recordings paired, stored and matched to facial recognition.
    • Generates pass/fail results for mask or no mask and any temperature above set
    • Temperature range: 86°F to 113°F, accuracy: ±0.54°F
    • Support temperature data SDK and HTTP protocol integration with third party
    • Information automatically
    • Professional face recognition algorithm with high accuracy & recognition time under .5
    • Wide dynamic range ≥80dB
    • Windows/Linux SDK and HTTP
    • 8 inch IPS high resolution
    • IP34
    • MTBF>50000 H
    • Supports 22400 images in database and 100000 face recognition records
    • Supports one Wiegand input and
    • Anti-fog, 3D noise reduction, BLC, stabilizer, and adjustable white balance to fit for different application
    • Speaker support (Human temperature normal/high alarm, face recognition pass / fail result)
    • 32°F- +122°F working temperature.
    EDT-SS CertificatesCE   FCC   ROHS      
  • FOTRIC 226B Auto Body Temperature Screening lnfrared lmager

    Automatically Lock Face Temperature to Prevent False Alarms

    Fotric 226B comes with WLIR software are standard. WLIR has a built-in Al face detection module, automatically lock face for temperature measurement, intelligently shield high-temperature sources other than faces in scenes.FAQ_V1.0.3 Hardware Installation& Field Deployment_V1.0.3  Operating Manual_V1.0.3
  • Fotric 462 Black Body Calibrator – For Use with 226B Thermal

    • Blackbody calibrator
    • For use with the Fotric 226B
    • Greatly increases accuracy of 226B thermal imaging system
    • Generates a steady reference temperature
    • Accepts standard 1/4-20 tripod mount
    • Has four feet for placement on a horizontal surface
    • Easy to use control panel
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