Custom-Cal Global Tech solution, LLC  stand behind the products we sell with our Calibration labs, Repair, Services and Used Line.

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Test Equipment Calibration

Test Equipment Calibration Services Overview

Test Equipment Calibration Services

All phone calls are answered in person and we strive to provide the best response possible. To achieve this, we’ve established multiple, state-of-the-art facilities and the ability to mobilize dedicated Standards rapidly. Each laboratory is outfitted to accommodate a variety of customer calibration needs, while specializing in optical communication support. Our labs are equipped with hard to find optical standards and highly experienced staff. Custom-Cal takes pride in our ability to perform original equipment manufacturer (OEM) level calibrations and we can cater to customers’ individual needs via customized procedures designed to more closely match your actual requirements while saving valuable time and investment.

Custom Calibration Solutions assists customers in meeting or exceeding individual business goals by striking the ultimate balance between quality objectives and cost. We can optimize any existing test equipment calibration program by combining the use of our proprietary procedures in conjunction with the most appropriate standards for each calibration task.

Test Equipment Repair

Test Equipment Repair Services

Custom-Cal is well known for its expertise in a wide range of test equipment repair.

We have staffed, stocked, and equipped our laboratories in order to address major repair problems across a wide spectrum of test equipment. Examples

• Digital Communication Analyzer (DCA)
• Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA)
• Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT)
• Back Reflection Meter
• Wavelength Meter
• Optical Electrical Converter (OE)

• RF Spectrum Analyzer
• RF Synthesizer/Source
• Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
• Tunable Laser Source (TLS)
• Calibrator (Fluke, Datron, Wavetek)
• Long-scale DVM (3458A, 1281, 1271, 1081)

Calibration Prices

Calibration Prices

Custom-Cal has developed a baseline cost for many calibrations we perform at our calibration laboratories and our On-site calibration prices are based on the same pricing structure. We can often recommend ways to save cost by combining more equipment into one service, marking appropriate items as “No Calibration Required” and customizing our calibration process to match the parameters that are critical to you. Custom-Cal is known worldwide as a premier repair provider having the capability to repair most brands of test equipment in-house. This factor alone can save your company thousands of dollars as compared to many calibration providers that focus on calibration while subcontracting your repairs to outside vendors or the OEM. Subcontracting creates an additional layer between you and the repair work and can result in:
• Longer lead times due to added transit.
• Higher cost as result of markups due to additional administrative, shipping and handling.
• Higher probability of damage, again due to additional shipping and handling
• Unexpected delays or inability to accurately target or predict completion date.

Used Test Equipment Sales

Used Test Equipment Sales (CC Market-Place)

CC Market-Place is a tool that allows the customer to directly buy and sell used test equipment while we mediate the risk.One may compare this service to several common online public auctions, however, working with Custom-Cal proves to be the most profitable and time effective solution for used test equipment. You will be able to sell your used test equipment at a fair, or often higher, valuation for working or repairable units. This is attributed to the fact that we are interested in longer term demand for a wide variety of used test equipment. In contrast, online public auctions may depress TE prices because of various risks involved, which you can avoid by choosing the Custom-Cal brand. For example, our trained experts personally evaluate each piece of used test equipment to eliminate any information risk that is often caused by the generic descriptions and pictures provided by common auction sites. The CC Marketplace also distinguishes itself by cutting down on the heavy reseller price-setting involvement which means lower buyer and seller fees.