Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope SATO1000 series

  • Bandwidth:100MHz
  • Sampling Rate:1GSa/s
  • Memory Depth:70Mpts
  • Channels:4

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Automotive Tablet Oscilloscope SATO1000 series

Unparalleled Operating Experience

8-inch TFT-LCD capacitive touch screen with 800 * 600 resolution, interagtes a new generation of hardware & software technologies

Professional Performance

High bandwidth, High sampling rate, Large memory depth, excellent signal capture performance

Portable & Benchtop

Built-in 7500mAh Li-ion battery support 5h long field work;

Power-off lock secure safety to carry and store;

Triangle link rear stand make sure it sits on the bench solidly

Charging / Start Circuit Tests

Support 12V & 24V charging/start, Charging Ripple, Cranking Current and other tests

Various Sensor Tests

Supports testing of ABS, Accelerator Pedal, Throttle Position, Fuel Pressure, Air Flow meter, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Knock, MAP, etc.


One-press to get signals, Fast and Easy.

Support various Actuator tests: multiple fuel injector voltages and currents, fan control signals, variable valve timing, carbon canister solenoid valves, EGR solenoid valves, etc.


Including Primary ignition, Secondary ignition, and combined Primary+Secondary ignition tests.


CAN (CAN High / CAN Low), CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, and K line

Combination Tests


Multiple channels of oscilloscope can be measured together to perform a variety of combined tests, such as the combined test of the Crankshaft and the Camshaft, or the combined test of the Primary Ignition and the Fuel Injector Voltage, etc.

Additional information

SATO1000 series

SATO1004 Standard Kit, SATO1004 Master Kit

Model SATO1004
Bandwidth 100MHz
Channels 4
Sampling Rate 1GSa/s (single channel)
Memory Depth 70Mpts (single channel)
Support Test Charging/Start Circuits, Sensors, Actuators, Ignition, Networks (CAN L/H, CAN FD, LIN, Flexray, K line), Combination Tests
Bandwidth Filter Full bandwidth, Low pass
I/O Port Wi-Fi, USB 3.0/2.0 Host, USB Type-C, Grounding, HDMI, Trigger out
Display 8″ TFT LCD capacitive touch screen, 800*600 pixels, 14*10 grids
Dimension / Net Weight 265*192*50mm / 1.9kg (with battery)