• E7100A Cable & Antenna Analyzer 25 MHz to 6100 MHz

    E7000A series cable and antenna analyzer is a perfect instrument for wireless and broadcasting base station. It covers 25MHz to 6100MHz frequency span and fits for the wireless communication and broadcasting market.E7000A series provides 3 GHz spectrum analyzer option. The spectrum analyzer option can be configured as spectrum analyzer, interference analysis, power meter, and field strength meter. With the multi-functional capabilities, it eliminates the need to carry and learn multiple instruments    e700a_e7100a.pdf
  • E8000A Spectrum Analyzer

     The E8000 Series of Spectrum Analyzers provide all of the necessary measurement functions and performance to accurately characterize the signal environment in addition to clearing, detecting, identifying and locating signal interference in a lightweight, handheld instrument.    e8000.pdf
  • S7000 TV & Satellite Analyzer

    The Deviser S7000 Series is a tough & versatile TV & Satellite Analyser that brings productivity and cost-effectiveness to a whole new level.    s7000.pdf
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