NA76XX Series Vector Network Analyzer

• 12.1″ 1280×800 TFT touchscreen
• Wide frequency range: 100kHz to 8.5 GHz
• High dynamic range: 128dB (Typical)
• Very low noise floor: <0.005dB rms (at 3kHz IFBW)
• Fast measurement speed: 50 μsec/point
• Accurate error correction and calibration function
• Connect with other systems via USB, LAN, and GPIB ports
• Software-enabled updates and measurement options available without the need to return to the factory or a factory authorized service center
• Intelligent assembly line structure enables automated factory
production testing

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NA76XX Series Vector Network Analyzer

Launched by Deviser Instruments Inc, the newly redesigned NA76xx Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) Series replicates most of the previously available applications which were already based on customer feedback. The new generation of VNA incorporates years of additional customer comments and allowed Deviser Instruments to fine tune the front panel layout, additional features such as 2
ports, along with an extended product line up providing customers with more choices . The new VNA line up offers additional models with frequency ranges spanning from 100kHz to 3.0 GHz, 3.5 GHz, 6.0 GHz, and 8.5 GHz suitable for wireless communications, radio and television, automotive electronics, semiconductors, medical devices Parts and other RF related industries. R & D and production components applications, consumer products, industry, scientific research and education,
military and other fields, provide high efficiency and testing means flexibility. With the introduction, deployment and commercialization of 5G communications, the NA76xx series VNA allows you to target key 5G communication hardware devices such as; filters, amplifiers, isolators, NR5G antennas, feeders, etc., allowing for fast and efficient functions performance testing. For example; testing filters in 5G communications, the NA76xx VNA provides an efficient and wide dynamic range filters from three dimension: up to 128dB wide dynamic range test ability, unmatched measurement speed and
accurate error correction/calibration function ensuring optimum test accuracy. Using a combined test profile, the NA76xx VNA can perform limit, ripple and bandwidth tests quickly, efficiently and accurately, reducing overall cost of testing.

Practicality on site

The NA76xx Series VNA features a large high resolution 12.1″, 1280*800 LCD color touchscreen optimized for ease of use. Multiwindow functionality allows users to work with dialog boxes, measurement channels, and traces on the same screen. The user can drag-and-drop components with the touch screen or mouse, and rename measurement channels and traces for easy analysis. Instantly recall saved instrument settings with the NA76xx Series’ multiple configuration profiles. Customize and save your settings to a memory profile, then simply recall the saved profile at a later date for a quick setup prior to making measurements, or use those profiles for an automated testing sequence, saving valuable on-site testing time and reducing OPEX.

Additional information

NA76×× Series

NA7632C 100kHz to 3GHz 50Ω, NA7635B 100kHz to 3.5GHz 75Ω, NA7662C 100kHz to 6GHz 50Ω, NA7682C 100kHz to 8.5GHz 50Ω