3656B VNA 100kHz-8.5GHz

AV3656 A/B vector network analyzer is applicable to fields of radio communications, cable TV, teaching and automotive electronics etc.

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AV3656B Vector Network Analyzer

AV3656B vector network analyzer is applicable to fields of radio communications, cable TV, teaching and automotive electronics etc. It can be used for performance measurement of RF components such as filter, amplifier, antenna, cable, and cable television sub connectors etc. It adopts Windows operating system, and has functions of error calibration, time domain and fixture simulator; It supports multiple display formats such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing wave, phase, group delay, Smith chart and polar coordinates etc.; It provides multiple calibration types including frequency response, single port, response isolation, enhanced response and full dual-port, rapid SOLT calibration and electrical calibration; It is capable of multi-channel and multi-window display; It is designed with USB interface, LAN interface, GPIB interface and VGA interface. It can rapidly and accurately measure the amplitude, phase and group delay characteristics of the DUT S-parameter, with efficient and powerful error correction capability.

 AV3656B Main Features:

  • Dynamic range up to 125dB; accurate measurement on high rejection ratio devices
  • 75Ω test port impedance option for cable TV components measurement
  • 001dBrms trace noise enables the network analyzer with higher measuring accuracy
  • Up to 64 independent measuring channels that can implement complex testing schemes rapidly
  • Powerful data analysis functions, such as ripple test, bandwidth test and limit test, convenient for user to judge the conformity and improve the test
  • 4-port extension option to work together with 4-port extension equipment; can test the whole 16 parameters of 4-port network through a single connection, also capable of balance parameter test
  • Time domain analysis function as the standard configuration
  • Fixture simulator to simulate various R&D situations to rapidly get the real-time test results
  • LAN and GPIB interface, capable of remote control and system interconnection, 4 USB interfaces

AV3656B Large dynamic range

With dynamic range up to 125dB (IFBW=10Hz), AV3656B is capable of accurate measurement on devices with high rejection ratio.


AV3656B Ultra -low trace noise

 Trace noise is lower than 0.001dBrms (IFBW=3 kHz), which minimizes measurement error.


AV3656B Time-domain analysis function

 The analyzer can conduct time-domain measurement on DUT via time-domain software so as to comprehensively test the performance of DUT, such as cable fault location and length measurement.


AV3656B Powerful data analysis function

It has multiple analysis functions, such as limit test, ripple test and bandwidth test, filter automatic statistics etc., which can clearly test the loss, ripple and rejection and facilitate the debugging of frequency hopping filter.


AV3656B Typical Applications:

Production test of mobile communication products

The frequency range of AV3656B vector network analyzer can meet the demand of production test on mobile communication products. It has advantages of high sweep speed, wide dynamic range and compact size which is very suitable for the test of mass production in factories. AV3656B can be applied to the test of RF components such as filter, amplifier, antenna and cables. The 75Ω test assembly is also available for performance test of CATV devices.

Test of passive multi-port device and balance device

 A 4-port vector network analyzer is composed by AV3656B vector network analyzer and AV2813A S parameter test set. It can test the whole 16 S parameters of 4-port network via one single connection, thus is very suitable for the mass production test of multi-port devices in factories. It has balance parameter test function: after the full 3-port or full 4-port calibration using 3 or 4 test ports, choose the corresponding operation mode (single port-balance network, single port-single port-balance network, balance-balance network), then you can gain the mixed S-parameters of balance devices.


Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 36.4 × 43.5 × 10.2 cm
Parameters AV3656A AV3656B
Frequency range 100kHz  ~ 3GHz 100kHz  ~ 8.5GHz
Frequency resolution 1Hz 1Hz
Frequency accuracy ±5×10-6(23℃±3℃) ±5×10-6(23℃±3℃)
Output power setting range -45dBm~+10dBm -55dBm~+10dBm



System dynamic range

(10Hz) (3kHz)

100kHz~1MHz       90dB           60dB

1MHz~10MHz        110 dB         80 dB

10MHz~3GHz       125dB           95dB

(10Hz) (3kHz)

100kHz~20MHz      110dB           80dB

20MHz~3GHz         125 dB         95 dB

3GHz~6GHz           123dB           93dB

6GHz~8.5GHz         118dB           88dB


Reflection tracking

100kHz~10MHz       ±0.030dB

10MHz~3GHz           ±0.020dB

100kHz~3GHz            ±0.030dB

3GHz~6GHz              ±0.040dB

6GHz~8.5GHz           ±0.050dB


Transmission tracking

100kHz~10MHz       ±0.030dB

10MHz~3GHz           ±0.020dB

100kHz~3GHz             ±0.030dB

3GHz~6GHz              ±0.040dB

6GHz~8.5GHz           ±0.050dB



Effective directivity

100kHz~10MHz         49 dB

10MHz~3GHz           46 dB

100kHz~10MHz         49dB (option 001) 10MHz~3GHz       46dB  (option 001)

100kHz~3GHz           46dB

3GHz~6GHz             40dB

6GHz~8.5GHz           38dB



Effective source match

100kHz~10MHz       44dB

10MHz~3GHz           40dB

100kHz~10MHz       43dB (option 001) 10MHz~3GHz      21dB  (option 001)

100kHz~3GHz           36dB

3GHz~6GHz             35dB

6GHz~8.5GHz         33dB



Effective load match

100kHz~10MHz       49 dB

10MHz~3GHz           46 dB

100kHz~10MHz       48dB (option 001) 10MHz~3GHz      41dB  (option 001)

100kHz~3GHz           44dB

3GHz~6GHz             40dB

6GHz~8.5GHz           36dB

Test points 1 to 16001
IF bandwidth Min. 1Hz;Max. 5MHz,in 1,2,3,5,7 step
Port connector type Type N    (female) 50 ohm system impedance

Type N    (female) 75 ohm system impedance (AV3656A-001)

Number of test ports 2
Number of test receivers 4
Reference  level amplitude


Setting range: ±500dB

Setting resolution: 0.001dB

Reference phase setting Setting range: ±500°
Setting resolution: 0.01°
Timebase            reference


Output frequency: 10MHz

Output level: +10dBm±4dB

Digital interface GP-IB, USB, Ethernet interface and VGA display interface
Operating system Windows XP
Display 10.4-inch high brightness LCD
Test domain Frequency domain, time domain
Dimensions 435*233*348 (W×H×D) (including foot pad, foot, lateral stripping, input and output port)
Power consumption 150W
Power supply 50Hz single phase 220V or 50Hz/60Hz single phase 110V AC
Weight 16kg

Standard configuration:

No. Description Remarks
1 Power cord Standard 3-core power cord
2 USB mouse
3 Quick start guide
4 Certificate of conformity
5 CD


No. Description Function
AV3656B-001 English option(key, front panel and label) Chinese key, front panel and label will not be

available after this option is installed.

AV3656B-002 Type N testing cable


Dual male, 60cm
AV3656B-003 Type N testing cable


Female-male, 60cm
AV3656B-004 Economical       phase-compensated        testing


N to 3.5mm connector, dual male, 80cm
AV3656B-005 Economical  phase-compensated  testing  cable,


Type N connector, female-male, 80cm
AV3656B-006 Economical  phase-compensated  testing  cable,


Type N connector, dual male, 80cm
AV3656B-007 AV20201 type N calibration kit DC~9GHz
AV3656B-008 AV20202 3.5mm calibration kit DC~9GHz
AV3656B-009 AV32111 waveguide calibration kit 1.72~2.61GHz
AV3656B-010 AV32112 waveguide calibration kit 2.60~3.95GHz
AV3656B-011 AV32113 waveguide calibration kit 3.94~6.00GHz
AV3656B-012 AV32114 waveguide calibration kit 4.64~7.05GHz
AV3656B-013 AV32115 waveguide calibration kit 5.88~8.17GHz
AV3656B-014 AV32116 waveguide calibration kit 7.00~10.0GHz
AV3656B-015 AV20402 electronic calibration module 300kHz~18GHz, type N (female-male), 2-port
AV3656B-016 AV20403 electronic calibration module 10MHz~26.5GHz, 3.5mm (female-male),2-port
AV3656B-017 AV20405 electronic calibration module 10MHz~20GHz, 3.5mm (female), 4-port
AV3656B-018 AV3656 series user manual in Chinese
AV3656B-019 AV3656 series user manual in English
AV3656B-020 Aluminum alloy transportation case
AV3656B-021 Front panel jumper Supports 4-port extension , receiver through test
AV3656B-022 AV2813A S parameter test set Need option AV3656B-021
AV3656B-023 Cabinet mount kit Convenient  for system building, used  for cabinet