75 to 110 GHz, 110 dB Dynamic Range, +5 dBm Output Power, WR-10 Waveguide

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STO-10203-U6, VNA Extender, W Band_Final

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STO-10203-U6 is a W Band vector network analyzer (VNA) frequency extender designed to achieve full 2-port, S-parameter testing at 75 to 110 GHz. It is compatible with modern vector network analyzers such as the Copper Mountain CobaltFx C4220, Rohde & Schwarz ZVA Series and Keysight PNA-X Series. The VNA to be extender needs to have dual sources and 4 ports with LO frequency offset setting option (RF±IF). The frequency extenders can achieve a dynamic range up to 110 dB for high performance passive products’ such as, directional couplers, orthomode transducers and filters etc., high rejection and high return loss testing. In addition, a RF output power control attenuator with control range of 0 to 20 dB is integrated to reduce the port output power to prevent the saturation of the amplifier testing. An AC to DC Power adapter is included. For full [S] parameter testing, two extenders are required.
ECCN: 3A001.b.7.c.3
Parameter Minimum Typical Maximum
RF Operating Frequency 75 GHz 110 GHz
Test Port Output Power (Full Power) +5 dBm
Output Power Control Range 0 to 20 dB
Dynamic Range @ 10 Hz Bandwidth 100 dB 110 dB
Test Port Match 30 dB
Directivity 35 dB 40 dB
RF Source Input Frequency 12.5 GHz 18.33 GHz
RF Source Input Power 0 dBm +3 dBm +6 dBm
LO Source Input Frequency (RF±IF) 12.5 GHz 18.33 GHz
LO Source Input Power 0 dBm +3 dBm +6 dBm
IF Frequency Range 10 MHz 1000 MHz
Multiplication Factor 12
Magnitude Stability 0.15 dB 0.2 dB
Phase Stability 1.5˚
Specification Temperature +20 ˚C +30 ˚C
Operating Temperature +0 ˚C +50 ˚C

Mechanical Specifications

Item Specification
RF Test Port WR-010 Waveguide with UG387/U-M Anti-Cocking Flange
RF and LO Source Input Ports SMA (F), SMA (F)
IF Output Port SMA (F)
IF Reference Port SMA (F)
DC Power Receptacle LEMO FGG.B.304.CLAD52Z, +6.5 Vdc to +12 Vdc
Finish Paint, Black
Weight 8 lb Each
Size 9.4” (L) x 4.8” (W) x 3.0” (H), Without Adjustable Feet
Outline TO-SW-U6

Components Included in Each Kit: (All parts are packaged in a rugged equipment box.)

Item SAGE Model Number Quantity
Metrology Straight Waveguide Section, 2” Long STQ-WG-10020-FM-A 1 Piece
Waveguide Screws, 3/32 Hex Head SWH-332-SS-10 1 Bag (10 Pieces)
Waveguide Screwdriver, 3/32 Hex Head SWH-332-DS 1 Piece
SMA Connector Torque Wrench SCH-08008-S1 1 Piece
AC-to-DC Power Adapter STU-110008001-MF 1 Piece

Connecting Cables are not included, but SAGE Millimeter cable with model number SCW-SMSM040-F1-A-PM is highly recommended. Total four (4) cables for each STO or eight (8) cables for the pair are required for full