IT-E255A Quick charger controller-automatic version for IT8500+

  • Quick charger controller-automatic version for IT8500+

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IT-E255A Quick charger controller-automatic version for IT8500+

ITECH IT255A/M quick charger controller provides QC2.0, QC3.0, QC4.0, PE+, PE2.0+, USB PD2.0 and USB PD3.0/USB PPS 7 types of protocols for automatically or manually quick charger loading test.

It can simulate the fast charge control signal of smartphone, tablet and notebook, which is suitable for the test of smartphone/tablet charger, AC-DC adapter, mobile power bank, car charger and wall charger.

IT-E255M  Quick charger controller ( Manual )

ITE255M is manual version with big LED screen, which can support IT8500+, IT8800, IT8700 electronic loads connection and simulate the loading of quick charger.

Both of them provide a Micro USB and a USB Type C hardware interface for DUT connection.

IT-E255A Quick charger controller ( Automatic )

IT E255A is automatic version with big LED screen, which can connect to IT8500+ electronic load via TTL interface. It can be controlled by PC software via USB interface and be offline controlled whenever needed.

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