H12R Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer

  • High definition(HD) screen makes picture more clear
  • Mirrorless design makes the display of fiber alignment more stable
  • More comfortable super compact wind protector
  • Revolutionary and compact 2 bright
  • LEDs design More convenient touch screen
  • 4.3-inch HD color LCD touch screen
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H12R Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer

Additional information

Weight 1.75 kg
Dimensions 20.4 × 15.2 × 10.0 cm
Model H12R
Dimension [ LxWx H] 204mm*152mm*100mm
Weight lnstrument+Battery=1.75kg
Number of fiber Single fiber to 12-fiber
Applicable fibers SM(ITU-T G.652&G.657)/MM(ITU-T G.651 )/DS(ITU-T G.653)/NZDS(ITU – T G.655)
Cleaved length Diameter: 250 µ m to 1000 µ m (coating) /(cleaved length: 10 to16mm
Splice mode Preset multiple splicing modes

(MM62 µ m,SM SM, NZ NZ,G657A,G657B,Ouick)

Typical splice loss SM:0.05dB/ MM:0.03dB/ DS:0.08dB/ NZDS:0.08dB
Return loss >>60dB
Typical splicing time 20s
Estimated fusion splice loss Available
Heating mode/Heating time Inbuilt multiple heating modes, such as 40,60mm/typical heating time for sleeve:20s
Results storage 2000 latest records stored internally
Proof test 1.96~2.25N
Operation conditions Altitude:0 to 1500m, relative humitidy:0 to 95%, temperature: -20 to 50 °C, maximum wind speed: 15 m/s
Storage conditions relative humitidy:0 to 95%, temperature: -10 to 50 °C battery:-20 to 30 °C ( long term storage l
Ways of view and display goo bi-directional view, 4.3 inches of color touch screen
Fiber view &Magnification Up to 60X magnification
Power supply AC:100 to 240V DC: 12.6V to 1.8V
Number of Splice/heating typical times: 227(splicing and heating)
Battery capacity 8200mAh(up to 227 numbers of splicing and heating)
Electrode life 2000 times of discharge
Fiber holders Supplied with holders suitable for single to12-fiber
Interface HDMI