IT-M3900D series High power DC power supply

  • Compact design,power up to 6kW in 1U space, power up to12kW in 2U space
  • Voltage range: 10-1500V
  • Current range:8A~1020A
  • Power range:1700W~12kW
  • Wide range of output design, one unit can be used as multiple power supplies
  • With simple master/slave parallel connection, expand power while maintaining performance*1
  • CC/CV priority
  • Adjustable output impedance
  • Built-in function generator, support arbitrary-waveform generating
  • List function, up to 200 steps can be set
  • Support multiple working modes, adjustable rise and fall time
  • The front panel supports the insertion of USB storage devices to meet the import of List files/Export, data logging functions, etc.
  • Standard build-in USB/CAN/LAN/digital IO communication interface, optional GPIB/analog & RS232
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IT-M3900D series High power DC power supply

The IT-M3900D series is a single channel output programmable DC power supply. The density structure design can effectively save rack space. Also with wide-range output design, can provide a wider range of voltage and current combinations within the specified power range. One unit can be used as multiple power supplies, more flexibility. The CC/CV priority allows user to switch the output mode according to the different needs of the DUT priority, match with the high-precision and high-speed product characteristics, and a variety of standard communication interfaces, simplifying and speeding up the test development, can meet users’ variety testing application, widely used in laboratories, production lines, and automatic test systems.

Model Current Power Size Model Current Power Size
IT-M3901D-10-170 170A 1700W 1U 32V IT-M3902D-32-80 80A 2kW 1U
10V IT-M3903D-10-340 340A 3400W 1U IT-M3904D-32-160 160A 4kW 1U
IT-M3905D-10-510 510A 5100W 1U IT-M3906D-32-240 240A 6kW 1U
IT-M3910D-10-1020 1020A 10200W 2U IT-M3912D-32-480 480A 12kW 2U
Model Current Power Size Model Current Power Size
80V IT-M3902D-80-40 40A 2kW 1U 300V IT-M3902D-300-20 20A 2kW 1U
IT-M3904D-80-80 80A 4kW 1U IT-M3904D-300-40 40A 4kW 1U
IT-M3906D-80-120 120A 6kW 1U IT-M3906D-300-60 60A 6kW 1U
IT-M3912D-80-240 240A 12kW 2U IT-M3912D-300-120 120A 12kW 2U
Model Current Power Size Model Current Power Size
500V IT-M3902D-500-12 12A 2kW 1U 800V IT-M3902D-800-8 8A 2kW 1U
IT-M3904D-500-24 24A 4kW 1U IT-M3904D-800-16 16A 4kW 1U
IT-M3906D-500-36 36A 6kW 1U IT-M3906D-800-24 24A 6kW 1U
IT-M3912D-500-72 72A 12kW 2U IT-M3912D-800-48 48A 12kW 2U
Model Current Power Size
1500V IT-M3906D-1500-12 12A 6kW 1U


Functions and Advantages

High power density, compact design

ITECH has always adhered to the design concept of high power density to help users optimize the test solutions. The IT-M3900D series adopts a compact structure design to effectively save rack space, and provide up to 6kW power output in a 1U chassis, up to 12kW power output in a 2U chassis, which makes the entire portfolio of ITECH high power density series more complete and comprehensive.

Wide range output

There are 25 models included in IT-M3900C series. The output voltage ranges from 10V to 1500V and the maximum output current of a single unit can reach 1020A. The wide-range output design provides more voltage and current combinations than conventional fixed-range output DC power supplies, which is more flexible. Just a single unit can cover a wide range of applications which makes it easy to build power  systems and largely save room for you at the same time.

CC&CV priority function

CC/CV priority can continue to help users solve various severe problems in long-term test applications to make applications that require high-speed power or non-overshoot more flexible.The CC&CV priority function of IT-M3900D allows the user to select the response speed and the loop working mode of the CC/CV loop to determine whether the output is high-speed voltage mode or non-overshoot current mode,
which is suitable for high-power integrated circuit testing, charging and discharging testing, power transient simulation and characterization of automotive electronics, etc.

High efficiency parallel connection technology

Considering the user’s convenience and versatility , IT-M3900d can use master/slave control mode to parallel 6 units or more. Meanwhile ITECH fiber optic parallel technology fully solve the problems of slow speed and poor accuracy of traditional parallel methods. It is suitable for calibration and measurement, R&D lab, production line and ATE test.

Options & Accessories

AC power cord (accessory)
AC power cord (accessory)

USB straight wire (accessory)
Used for USB port communicatio…

IT-E177 (accessory)
RS232/Analog communication car…

IT-E176 (Optional)
GPIB communication card

IT-E168/169 (Optional)
Parallel fiber Suite Single ma…

IT-E165A-250/400/500 (Optional…
Anti-reverse connection module…

IT cabinet (Optional)
IT cabinet 15U/27U/37U

IT-E165B (Optional)
Anti-counter electromotive for…

AC power cord(Optional)
AC power cord, 5m

IT-E30110-AB (Optional)
10A/1m/crocodile clip – Banana…

IT-E30110-BB (Optional)
10A/1m/ banana plug – Banana p…

IT-E30110-BY (Optional)
10A/1m/ banana plug -Y termina…

IT-E30312-YY (Optional)
30A/1.2m/Y terminals a pair …

IT-E30615-OO (Optional)
60A/1.5m/ round terminal a p…

IT-E30320-YY (Optional)
30A/ 2M /Y terminals a pair …

IT-E32420-OO (Optional)
240A/2m/ round terminal one …

IT-E31220-OO (Optional)
120A/2m/ round terminal one …

IT-E32410-OO (Optional)
240A/1m/ round terminal a pa…

IT-E33620-OO (Optional)
360A/2m/ round terminal a pa…

Additional information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 88 × 59 × 22 cm

IT-M3901D-10-170, IT-M3904D-800-16