IT-N6963 Programmable DC Power Supply

  • 4.3” HD LCD
  • Voltage: 60V, 150V
  • Power: 850W, 1500W, wide range output
  • Two current ranges, 1μA current resolution
  • Lower ripple and noise
  • Using a new type of transformer, lighter, higher efficiency and stability
  • Faster voltage rise and fall
  • With CC, CV priority, suitable for a variety of DUT’s
  • Remote Sense function
  • Support OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, OTP, F oldback protection function
  • Built-in USB/LAN/Digital IO communication interface, optional GPIB/RS232/analog IO
  • Support SCPI, LabVIEW programming
  • Trend analysis,monitor the voltage, current and power of the DUT in time
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IT-N6963 150V 10A 1500W Programmable DC Power Supply

IT-N6900 Series DC power supply has 60V and 150V, 850W and 1500W output. It features as black panel and HD screen, low ripple and noise. It can provide stable and pure DC power, two current ranges, up to 1μA current resolution. It has CC and CV priority settings, new Foldback protection. It is well used for the test of DC-DC, semiconductor lasers, automotive electronics, communication electronics, motors, PV modules and so on. IT-N6900 series supports SCPI and LabVIEW drivers, built-in USB/LAN/digital IO communication interface, optional GPIB/RS232/analog IO, suitable for remote control and system integration, and can be used in R&D, production lines, universities, etc.

Model Voltage Current Power
IT-N6952 60V 25A 850W
IT-N6962 60V 25A 1500W*1
IT-N6953 150V 10A 850W
IT-N6963 150V 10A 1500W*1
IT-E177 RS232& analog Optional
IT-E176 GPIB Optional

*1 The power output is 850W under 110Vac input

Functions and Advantages


The LIST programming function of IT-N6900 can provide a maximum of100s teps of sequence output , and a total of 10 sequence files can be edited.The user can generate various output change sequences by editing the steps suchas voltage, current, time and whether to cycle the steps of each single step.The parameters include time units.

CC&CV priority

IT-N6900 has CC/CV priority function, which is suitable forcomplex applications with high speed or no
overshoot test requirements. In CV priority mode, you can get faster voltagerising. In CC priority mode, the output current has no overshoot, which can beused to test the DUT of constant current operating characteristics. It is goodfor applications such as laser testing, integrated circuit testing, charge and
discharge testing, power transient simulation and characterization ofautomotive electronics, etc.


IT-N6900 supports multiple protection functions such asOVP/UVP/OCP/OPP/OTP/Foldback. The Foldback protection function is mainly usedto turn off the output when the power supply CV/CC is switched, so as toprotect the DUTs which are sensitive to voltage and current overshoot. You canset the working mode and the protection delay time. If the current working modeis changed, the protection will be triggered when the time is up and the outputwill be turned off.

AC power cord (accessory)
IT-E177 (accessory)
RS232/Analog communication
USB straight wire (accessory)
Used for USB port communication
IT-E176 (accessory)
GPIB communication card




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