1465L-V Signal Generator 100 kHz~67 GHz

1465-V series signal generators has excellent vector modulation performance within the frequency range of 100 kHz-67 GHz. It has 200 MHz internal modulation bandwidth and 2 GHz external modulation real-time bandwidth, which can meet various modulation needs of wide-band signals.

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115 dB programmable step attenuator

90 dB Programmable Stepper Attenuator

Analog Modulation

Pulse modulation

Narrow pulse modulation

Analog Sweep

Ultra-low phase noise

High power output

Enhanced High Power Output.

RF Low Harmonic Output

Low noise ( <250MHz )

Large modulation bandwidth. Only for AV1465X -V series.

Large modulation bandwidth, the internal modulation bandwidth is extended to 200MHz.Only for AV1465X -V series.

Extend Built-in baseband memory to 8GB. .Only for AV1465X -V series.

Broadband External IQ Input. Only for AV1465X -V series.

support user's external arbitrary wave baseband data to be imported in real time through the optical fiber interface, a total of 4 optical fiber interfaces

the internal modulation bandwidth is extended to 1GHz

National military standard electromagnetic compatibility options

N-type RF output connector

Rear panel RF output

Front handle kit

Rack Mount Kit

Commercial Calibration Certificate (Metering Station)

Extend waranty to Five-year

Color Printing User\'s Manual, Program Manual

English version

Aluminum transport case

support arbitrary wave data download and playback, generate baseband signal or realize signal playback, available on all models


1465L-V Signal Generator 100 kHz~67 GHz

1465L-V Signal Generator 100 kHz~67 GHz

Vector Signal Generator

Product Overview

1465L-V Signal Generator 100 kHz~67 GHz

1465-V series signal generators has excellent vector modulation performance within the frequency range of 100 kHz-67 GHz. It has 200 MHz internal modulation bandwidth and 2 GHz external modulation real-time bandwidth, which can meet various modulation needs of wide-band signals. The generator has excellent spectrum purity and output power specifications. The phase noise of 10 GHz carrier @10 kHz frequency offset can be reached to -126 dBc/Hz, to meet high-level test needs which have strict requirements of testing signals. The generator also has excellent vector modulation accuracy and at the full frequency range the EVM is less than 1.4%(4 Mbps), which makes the generator be used in metro-logy purpose. The base band signal generator can be set easily with flexible performance and many modulation formats. More than 20 kinds of common modulation formats are supported, such as PSK, QAM, FSK, ASK and so on. The arbitrary wave modulation support 5 kinds of download file format, users can edit and download the waveform according to their own requirement. Thus various signal modulation can be accomplished and complex signals can be generated. Besides,the ”airspace capsule” operation interface design and 10.1 inch high-brightness touch screen can bring a brand-new operation experience to users.

With wide frequency band and modulation bandwidth, 1465-V series signal generator can not only provide user with analog and vector modulated signal with great spectrum purity and modulation types, but also can help user edit arbitrary waves flexibly. It’s an ideal choice for performance test of components, modules, communications, navigation, radar, and other electronic systems.

Main Characteristics

  • Broadband vector signal generation
  • Large vector modulation bandwidth
  • High compatible arbitrary wave data format download
  • High purity spectrum
  • Broadband and high-power output
  • Metro logy grade vector modulation accuracy
  • Complete universal digital modulation format
  • Convenient touch screen control
  • Multiple control and function extension interfaces

Broadband vector signal generation

1465-V series signal generators can provide various signal testing solutions covering 3 GHz/6 GHz/10 GHz/20 GHz/40 GHz/50 GHz/67 GHz to meet user’s specific needs in different fields. Especially, 1465L-V signal generator with 100 kHz~67 GHz frequency range can meet test needs of most users.

Large Vector Modulation Bandwidth

1465-V series signal generators can provide 200 MHz internal modulation bandwidth and 2 GHz external modulation bandwidth(above 3.2 GHz carrier)vector signal generation function .

Multi-tone signal using 5 GHz carrier and 200 MHz modulation bandwidth

Multi-tone signal using 60 GHz carrier and 200 MHz modulation bandwidth

High Compatible Arbitrary Wave Data Format Download 

1465-V series signal generators support direct download and display of arbitrary wave forms. The file formats include Mat-File 5, ASCII, Binary, cap and csv. The generator has a 2 GSA storage depth.

High purity spectrum 

1465-V series signal generators are able to output extremely pure signal spectrum. The single side band phase noise of 10 GHz carrier and 10 kHz frequency offset has a typical value of

-126 dBc/Hz and 1 GHz carrier and 10 kHz frequency offset typically reaches -142 dBc/Hz. It can be used for Doppler radar as well as high-performance receiver block and adjacent channel  selectivity test. It also can be an ideal alternative device for local oscillator and low jitters timer.

2 GHz sweep width non-harmonic curve

Broadband and high-power output 

For high-power option H05, typical values for the maximum output power are +22 dBm at 20 GHz and +16 dBm at 40 GHz.There’s no need for an external amplifier when you need high power stimulus signal during test. And what’s more, the power accuracy and stability are better.

Metrology Grade Vector Modulation Accuracy 

1465-V series signal generators has excellent vector modulation accuracy. The EVM is less than 1.4% (typical value<1.0%) at the frequency range 100 kHz-40 GHz, and EVM<2.5% (typical value<1.5%) at the frequency range 40 GHz-67 GHz .

Symbol rate:4 Msps, root-Nyquist filter, α=0.3, EVM test under QPSK

Complete Universal Digital Modulation Format

1465-V series signal generators can provide real-time generation of universal digital modulation signals, including more than 20 kinds of modulations, such as PSK, QAM, FSK, MSK etc.

Convenient touch screen control

A 10.1-inch LED display screen of 1280×800 resolution shows the instrument states information clearly. Conspicuous color matching, proper function division and various function panel buttons provide a fresh sight of vision, easy operation and higher test efficiency for you. Besides with the panel buttons, the instrument can be controlled independently by operating with enter knob, sliding or clicking on the touch screen, and using external keyboard or mouse.

Multiple Control and Function Extension Interfaces

Support various auxiliary interfaces such as USB, LAN, GPIB, Monitor. The USB interface can be used for data transmission and external keyboard/mouse. LAN and GPIB can be used for programmable control. The monitor connector can be used for external display when using a CRT or LCD.

Typical Applications 

High-reliability Communication system Test

1465-V series signal generator can generate high-performance user-defined modulation and basic digital modulation signal within frequency range of 100 kHz~67 GHz. The instrument can provide repeatable and reliable test signals for satellite communication. Its external wide bandwidth vector modulation and user-defined data features as well as additive noise function can create a real-world signal and help users to make product performance confirmation.

To Simulate Various Application Scenes for Radar and EM Environment

1465-V series signal generator has wide frequency range and high resolution( 16 bit )as well as powerful signal simulation function. It can generate complex sequences of various modulation formats by editing waveform segment under different scenes. Together with abundant functional synchronous trigger interface, it can simulate complex interference signal under actual environment and accomplish anti-interference test of radar equipment.

Provide Accurate Arbitrary Wave Modulation Signal 

1465-V series signal generator has 2 G sampling point waveform storage capacity. This feature can allow designer to generate a long-time test data, which may be more close to the reality. User can create one of the kinds of arbitrary wave data using the third party tools or software.

High-performance Receiver Test 

1465-V series signal generator has a 140 dB output dynamic range and extremely high frequency stability as well as 0.001 Hz frequency resolution. It can output high-accuracy standard test signal which can solve parameter test problem such as sensitivity, dynamic range and channel selectivity to accomplish test of high-performance receiver used in radar, electronic warfare and communication equipment.

Local Oscillator Substitution

1465-V series signal generator has extremely high signal quality, thus can be used as an ideal device to substitute LO when testing transmitter and receiver and other systems. It will guarantee your test accuracy and creditability by avoiding negative influences that low-quality LO brings in.


Additional information

Weight 28 kg
Dimensions 51.7 × 55.0 × 19.2 cm
Frequency properties








Frequency range




(Min. frequency of 9kHz) 1465B-V:100kHz~6GHz

(Min. frequency of 9kHz) 1465C-V:100kHz~10GHz



(Max. frequency of 44GHz) 1465H-V:100kHz~50GHz


Frequency N    (  Internal       YO

harmonic order)

100kHz≤f≤250MHz 1/8
250MHz<f≤500MHz 1/16
500MHz<f≤1GHz 1/8
1GHz<f≤2GHz 1/4
2GHz<f≤3.2GHz 1/2
3.2GHz<f≤10GHz 1
10GHz<f≤20GHz 2
20GHz<f≤28.5GHz 3
28.5GHz<f≤50GHz 5
50GHz<f≤67GHz 10



switching time

Time-base aging rate

Typical value2

5×10 -10 /day(after 30-day continuous power-on)

Reference output

Frequency 10MHz
Power >+4dBm,to 50Ω

Reference input

Frequency 1-50MHz,1Hz step
Power -5dBm-+10dBm,50Ω impedance
Sweep properties
Sweep mode Step sweep, List sweep, Analog sweep, Power sweep
Analog sweep (option H03)  



Max. sweep speed

100kHz≤f≤500MHz 25MHz/ms
500MHz<f≤1GHz 50MHz/ms
1GHz<f≤2GHz 100MHz/ms
2GHz<f≤3.2GHz 200MHz/ms
3.2GHz<f 400MHz/ms


0.05 % Sweep width(for 100m, within the maximum width of

100ms as specified)

Power properties
Min. power Model Standard


Option H01A/B
1465A/B/C/D/F-V -20dBm -110dBm(-135dBm configurable)
1465H/L-V -20dBm -90dBm(-110dBm configurable)
Max. power


Frequency range Standard








step attenuator


power output


100kHz≤f≤20GHz 15dBm 15dBm 203dBm 203dBm
100kHz≤f≤9GHz 10dBm 10dBm 18dBm 18dBm
9GHz<f≤30GHz 10dBm 10dBm 15dBm 15dBm
30GHz<f≤40GHz 10dBm 10dBm 12dBm 12dBm
100kHz≤f≤15GHz 5dBm 5dBm 15dBm 15dBm
15GHz<f≤30GHz 5dBm 5dBm 12dBm 12dBm
30GHz<f≤60GHz 5dBm 4dBm 8dBm 6dBm
60GHz<f≤67GHz 4dBm 3dBm 6dBm 4dBm
Power accuracy (25±10°C) Standard


>10~20 >-10~10 -20~-10
100kHz≤f≤2GHz ±0.8dB ±0.6dB ±1.5dB
2GHz<f≤20GHz ±0.8dB ±0.8dB ±1.5dB
20GHz<f≤40GHz ±1.0dB ±0.9dB ±1.8dB
40GHz<f≤50GHz ±1.3dB ±1.8dB
50GHz<f≤67GHz ±1.5dB ±2.0dB
H01A/B programmable step attenuator option


>10~20 >-10~10 >-70~-10 -90~-70
100kHz≤f≤2GHz ±0.8dB ±0.6dB ±0.7dB ±1.5dB
2GHz<f≤20GHz ±0.8dB ±0.8dB ±0.9dB ±1.8dB
20GHz<f≤40GHz ±1.0dB ±0.9dB ±1.0dB ±2.0dB
40GHz<f≤50GHz ±1.3dB ±1.5dB ±2.5dB
50GHz<f≤67GHz ±1.5dB ±1.8dB ±3.0dB
Power resolution 0.01dB
Power temperature


0.02dB/℃(typical value)
Output Impedance 50Ω(Rating4

(Internal fixed amplitude) (typical Value)

100kHz≤f≤20GHz <1.6
20GHz<f≤40GHz <1.8
40GHz<f≤67GHz <2.0
Max. reverse power 0.5W(0V DC)(rating)
Spectrum purity5

(at +10dBm or Max.

Frequency Standard package
100kHz≤f≤10MHz <-25dBc
specified             output power, whichever is lower) 10MHz<f≤2GHz <-30dBc


2GHz<f≤20GHz <-55dBc
20GHz<f≤67GHz <-45dBc(typical value)

(at +10dBm or Max. specified             output power, whichever is lower)

100kHz≤f≤10GHz None
10GHz<f≤20GHz <-60dBc









(at     0dBm,     beyond 3kHz offset)

Frequency Standard package Option H04
100kHz≤f≤250MHz <-58dBc <-58dBc
250MHz<f≤3.2GHz <-74dBc <-80dBc
3.2GHz<f≤10GHz <-62dBc <-70dBc
10GHz<f≤20GHz <-56dBc <-64dBc
20GHz<f≤28.5GHz <-52dBc <-52dBc
28.5GHz<f≤40GHz <-45dBc <-45dBc
40GHz<f≤60GHz <-42dBc <-42dBc












Single side band phase noise

(dBc/Hz, +10dBm or Max. output power, whichever is smaller)

Frequency 1Hz 10Hz 100Hz 1kHz 10kHz 100kHz
100kHz≤f≤250MHz -104 -121 -128 -130
250MHz<f≤500MHz -108 -126 -132 -136
0.5 GHz<f≤1GHz -101 -121 -130 -130
1GHz<f≤2GHz -96 -115 -124 -124
2GHz<f≤3.2GHz -92 -111 -120 -120
3.2GHz<f≤10GHz -81 -101 -110 -110
10GHz<f≤20GHz -75 -95 -104 -104
20GHz<f≤28.5GHz -69 -89 -98 -98
28.5GHz<f≤50GHz -64 -84 -92 -92
50GHz<f≤67GHz -57 -77 -86 -86
H04 ultra low phase noise option
100kHz≤f≤250MHz6 -64 -92 -105 -123 -138 -141
250MHz<f≤500MHz -67 -93 -111 -126 -138 -142
0.5GHz<f≤1GHz -62 -91 -105 -123 -138 -138
1GHz<f≤2GHz -57 -86 -100 -117 -133 -133
2GHz<f≤3.2GHz -52 -81 -96 -113 -128 -128
3.2GHz<f≤10GHz -43 -72 -85 -105 -120 -120
10GHz<f≤20GHz -37 -66 -79 -98 -114 -114
20GHz<f≤28.5GHz -31 -60 -73 -91 -108 -108
28.5GHz<f≤50GHz -26 -54 -68 -85 -102 -102
50GHz<f≤67GHz -20 -48 -62 -79 -96 -96
Modulation properties
Frequency Modulation (option H02A) Maximum deviation:N×16MHz (N: YO harmonic number) Accuracy (at 1kHz, N×20kHz≤deviation<N×800kHz):

< ± (3.5%×set frequency offset + 20Hz)

Modulation rate(3dB bandwidth, N×500kHz frequency offset): DC-10MHz Distortion(at 1kHz, N×20kHz≤deviations<N×800kHz): <1%

Phase Modulation (option H02A) Maximum deviation:

Normal mode: N×16rad (N: YO harmonic number) Broadband mode: N×1.6rad (N is YO harmonic number)

Accuracy(at 1kHz, N×0.2rad≤deviations<N×8rad, normal mode)

<± (5% of deviation + 0.01 rad)

Modulation rate (3dB bandwidth,Broadband mode): DC~10MHz (typical value) Distortion (at 1kHz, N×0.8rad≤deviations<N×8rad, THD): <1%

Amplitude modulation (option H02A) Max. depth:>90%

Modulation rate (3 dB bandwidth, 30% modulation depth): DC~100kHz Accuracy (1kHz modulation rate, 30% modulation depth): ±(6% of setting + 1%)

Distortion (1kHz modulation rate, linear mode, THD, 30% modulation depth): <1.5%

Pulse Modulation (option H02B) 500MHz-3.2GHz >3.2GHz
Switch ratio >80dB >80dB
Rise and fall time <20ns <20ns
Min. pulse width with ALC






Min. pulse width with ALC







pulse Modulation (option H02C)

50MHz-3.2GHz >3.2GHz
Switch ratio >80dB >80dB
Rise and fall time <15ns <10ns
Min. pulse width with ALC






Min. pulse width with ALC






Internal     modulation signal generator (option H02A/B/C) There are 3 independent signals respectively for frequency/phase modulation, amplitude modulation and low frequency output signals.

Waveform: sine, square, triangle, Sawtooth, noise, double sine, sweep sine. Frequency range: DC~10MHz for sine, double sine, sweep sine; 0.1Hz~100kHz for square, triangle, sawtooth.

Frequency resolution: 0.1Hz

Low frequency output: Amplitude: 0-5Vpeak(rating), to 50Ω load. Pulse modulation signal: pulse width: 20ns-(42s-10ns);

pulse period: 100ns-42s;

resolution: 10ns.

Vector        modulation




50MHz-40GHz(or                 max.




calibration,       25    


(4Msps, root-Nyquist, α=0.3, QPSK, 0dBm)








40GHz-67GHz(or                  max.




Internal     modulation bandwidth (Carrier 900MHz, 1.8GHz, 2.4GHz, 6GHz, 18GHz, 35GHz, 50GHz)

Standard package:

120MHz(Multi-tone, Tone quantity: 51, Frequency space: 2.4MHz,±3dB bandwidth); H3 large modulation bandwidth option:

200MHz(Multi-tone, Tone quantity: 51, Frequency space: 4MHz, ±3dB bandwidth).

External     modulation


(Carrier 900MHz、1.8GHz、2.4GHz、6GHz、18GHz、35GHz、50GHz)

200MHz(ALC OFF, input 100mVrms sine to channel I, ±4dB bandwidth)

External                wide modulation Bandwidth

(option H33)


2GHz(ALC OFF, input 100mVrms sine to channel I, ±4dB bandwidth)

Internal                       baseband signal generator Channel quantities:2(I and Q) Max. symbol rate:

standard package: 60Msps(Max. 4bit/symbol) option H31: 125Msps(Max. 4bit/symbol)

Baseband waveform internal memory: standard package: 1GSa option H32: 2GSa

Modulation format:

PSK: BPSK, QPSK, OQPSK, π/4 DQPSK, D8PSK, 16PSK; QAM: 4, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024;

FSK: 2, 4, 8, 16;

ASK;MSK; Arbitrary wave modulation. Dual-tone mode max. frequency offset: 200MHz

EVM: <1.0%(typical value)(RMS%, Symbol rate 4Msps, root-Nyquist, α=0.3,


General properties
RF output port 1465A/B/C-V: N(female), impedance 50Ω.

1465D-V: 3.5mm(male), N(female)(option H91), impedance 50Ω. 1465F-V: 2.4mm(male), impedance 50Ω.

Max.                Physical


W×H×D: 517mm×192mm×550mm
Weight <28 kg(as per model and option configuration)
Power Supply 100-120VAC, 50-60Hz; or 200-240VAC, 50~60Hz(self-adaptive)
Power Consumption <400W
Temperature Range Working temperature:0℃~+50℃;Storage temperature:-40℃~+70℃


  1. When 1465-V series signal generator is under environment temperature for 2 hours, attenuator is automatically coupling(or ALC power>-5 dBm)after 30 minutes warm-up time. The generator meets every parameter performance within given working temperature.
  2. Typical value is a supplementary characteristic just for user’s reference. These specifications are not
  3. 1465 B-V is +16 dBm.
  4. Rating value is an expected performance, or used to describe the product performance which is useful but not included in product performance
  5. Spectral purity parameter is tested in a certain frequency without any
  6. The single side-band phase noise of 100 kHz≤f≤250 MHz is tested a output power of +15 dBm. The working frequency range of option H06 is greater than 100 MHz,so there’s no tested specification under 100 MHz.


  • Main Unit

1465A-V Signal Generator 100 kHz~3 GHz 1465B-V Signal Generator 100 kHz~6 GHz 1465C-V Signal Generator 100 kHz~10 GHz 1465D-V Signal Generator 100 kHz~20 GHz 1465F-V Signal Generator 100 kHz~40 GHz 1465H-V Signal Generator 100 kHz~50 GHz 1465L-V Signal Generator 100 kHz~67 GHz

  • Standard Package
No. Description Remarks
1 Power cable assembly Standard three-core power cord
2 User Manual
3 Programming Manual
4 Certificate of Conformity


  • Options

Model Description Function Match
1465-H01A 115dB

programmable step attenuator

To       expand dynamic range output power Optional for A/B/C/D/F-V
1465-H01B 90dB

programmable step attenuator

To       expand dynamic range output power Optional for H/L-V
1465-H02A Analog


Add analog modulation function Optional for all models
1465-H02B Pulse modulation Add pulse modulation function,

100ns min. pulse width

Optional for all models
1465-H02C Narrow        pulse


Add pulse modulation function,

20ns min. pulse width

Optional for all

including H02B

1465-H03 Analog        sweep


Add analog sweep frequency

function(slope sweep)

Optional for all models
1465-H04 Ultra-low     phase


Optimize      phase      noise    ,


Optional for all models
1465-H05 Large          power


Improve max. output power Optional for all models
1465-H31 Large modulation


Expand     internal    modulation

bandwidth to 200MHz

Optional for all models
1465-H32 Internal baseband

large        capacity memory

Expand      internal      baseband memory to 8GB Optional for all models


1465-H33 Wideband

external IQ input

Add wideband external IQ input


Optional                     for


1465-H80 87230 USB power


For power measurement and


Optional for all models
1465-H81 87231 USB power


For power measurement and


Optional for all models
1465-H82 87232 USB power


For    power   measurement  and


Optional for all models
1465-H83 87233 USB power


For power measurement and


Optional for all models
1465-H90 GJB EMC Meet         GJB-151A        EMC

regulation(without touch screen function)

Optional for all models
1465-H91 N type RF output interface Change RF output port to N type

( female ), only optional for 1465D-V

Optional for 1465D-V
1465-H92 Rear    panel    RF


Move RF output port to rear


Optional for all models
1465-H94 Rack mount kit Mount kit for rack Optional for all models
1465-H95 Commercial calibration


Entrust metering institute to meter the instrument Optional for all models
1465-H96 5 years extended


Extend warranty to 5 years Optional for all models
1465-H97 Color printing

user manual

User manual and programming

manual are color printed

Optional for all models
1465-H98 English options Panel, software interface, user manual      and      programming

manual are English version

Optional for all models
1465-H99 Aluminum    alloy transport case High-intensity               portable aluminum alloy transport case, with carrying handle and omni-directional                      wheel,

convenient for transportation

Optional for all models