ML4079D W/Opt. MSM 8 x 28 Gbaud PAM4 & NRZ | 400G Bit Error Rate Tester

8 x 28 GBd NRZ/PAM4 BERT | SSPRQ, PRBS13Q & PRBS31Q | FEC Estimation | TX and RX Equalizers |Signal SNR and Histogram

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Recommended Phase matched cable pairs. M- SMPM to 2.92 mm connector 4x8 channel 60 cm


ML4079D W/Opt. MSM  8 x 28 Gbaud PAM4 & NRZ | 400G Bit Error Rate Tester

The ML4079D is a full feature 400G BERT that can be configured as an eight-channel PAM4 30 GBaud or eight-channel NRZ 30 Gbps lane.

The receivers support FEC decoding (802.3bj KR4/scaled KP4) and will return the frame loss ratio for FEC scenarios and BER for unframed data. The receivers also show the eye’s Histogram and the channel’s SNR over time.

The transmitters support all standard test patterns mandated by IEEE and OIF such as PRBSQ13, SSPRQ, PRBSQ31, QPRBS13-CEI, etc. The user may also program the TX to output a user-defined pattern up to 32 kb long. The transmit power is adequate for testing up to 10 Km SMF links.

With the accelerated growth of hyperscale datacenters, the performance demands on Ethernet network infrastructure is increasing exponentially, and customer expectations for high-speed data throughput is at an all-time high. As a result, Bit Error Rate Testers (BERT) have become a cornerstone for physical layer testing, from qualifying bit transmission for fiber optic and copper-wire digital data transmission lines to testing signal integrity.

A BERT generates a sequence of bits through a communication channel and the received bits are then compared against the transmitted bits. A Bit Error Ratio (BER) evaluates the full end-to-end performance of a connectivity system and assures communication reliability.

The ML4079D is an 8×28 GBd PAM4 & NRZ BERT that supports signal generation required for 400G measurements. It is ideally suited for the validation and production testing of systems, components, and Electro-Optical Modules. It supports the required test patterns defined by IEEE and OIF. Other features include signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and histogram measurements, as well as transmitter and receiver equalizers.

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Dimensions 8.84 × 22.45 × 30.33 cm