Bit Error Ratio Tester 8x56G PBT8856

With the rapid development of the network, more and more applications need more band support. 400G has become the demand for the upgrading and expansion of the backbone network. Pbt8856 can support 8-channel PAM4 signal with parallel transmission, and has been widely used in 400g optical module and optical device test.

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(BERT) Bit Error Ratio Tester 8x56G PBT8856

Rich Pattern

Support PRBS7~31Q SSPRQ/JP03A/


Square wave /cjt/ custom code type, etc;

Bit error injection

Support bit error injection and input / output polarity switching

Powerful data analysis

Flexible database management to assist R & D in-depth analysis of data

FEC Analysis

Support KP4, KR4 FEC analysis, FEC margin test

Functions and advantages

FEC Simulation

PreBER/PostBER Measurement
Symbol Error Distribution
FEC Margin Test

Real-time data monitoring

Real-time bit error monitoring
Stay informed about emergencies during testing

Historical data query

Historical data query
Data storage local database
Call test records at any time

Additional information

Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 41.2 × 44.1 × 11.2 cm
Output Type Difference PAM4/NRZ
Terminal AC coupling
Data Pattern PRBS 7/9/11/13/15/16/23/31, PRBS7~31Q;
SSPRQ, JP03A, JP03B, LIN, Square wave, CJT, custom pattern (64 bits), etc.
Data Rate(GBaud) 20.625/24.33/25/25.78125/26.5625/27.89/27.95/28.05/28.125/28.2/28.9/30;
Frequency Accuracy (Typical) ±50ppm
Maximum output amplitude (differential) >800mVpp
Rise Time(20–80%)③ <15ps
Fall Time(20–80%)③ <15ps
Random Jitter(RJRMS)④ <350fs
Connector 2.92mm Female,50Ω
Received amplitude (differential)⑤ 100mVpp~1200mVpp
Receive sensitivity⑥ 100mVpp

① The measured value is the net output value of the transmitter, the default pre-emphasis/de-emphasis parameters;
② 30cm RF test cable, output measured value in “high power output” mode;
③ Measured with 26.5625 Gb/s NRZ signal;
④ Measure random jitter after jitter separation;
⑤ The measured value is the net input value at the receiver;
⑥When the input amplitude is less than 100 mVpp, the corresponding bit error rate may reach e-3 or even LOS;