Burst Error Ratio Tester 10G rBT1250

Semight rBT1250 is specially designed for optical line terminal (OLT) testing of passive optical network (PON) applications, supporting 1.25G EPON, GPON, 2.5G XGPON, Combo-PON, 10G EPON and 10G XGSPON burst error test and analysis .

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Burst Error Ratio Tester 10G rBT1250

High compatibility

Supports various PON OLT rates of 10.3125 and below

Support Combo-PON test

Dual reset signal, support Combo-PON test

SD test

Individual LOS monitoring/SD monitoring/LOS judgment for each channel

Built-in clock recovery

It can work in a real long-fiber environment, avoiding the influence of long-fiber on delay and jitter

Functions and advantages

Features and Benefits
Double reset signal, the reset position is adjustable (Combo-pon must have 2 reset signals)

Double packet test

Each data packet has different attenuation, there are jumps between the phases of different data packets, and there are long consecutive “1” and “0” in the data packet;
Need to simulate the worst 2 ONU signal generation.

Built-in clock recovery, support long fiber test

The built-in clock recovery enables the rBT1250 to work in a real long-fiber working environment, which is basically impossible in other solutions commonly used in the industry, because those systems do not support clock recovery,It cannot adapt to the influence of long fiber on delay and jitter.

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