Bit Error Ratio Tester 8x112G PBT8812

The application of cloud computing, VR/AR, AI, 5G and other technologies has a very large demand for traffic, and the explosive growth of traffic requires higher bandwidth. With the 400G module put into use, 800G has gradually become the next development hotspot, and the PBT8812 came into being.

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(BERT) Bit Error Ratio Tester 8x112G PBT8812

Hardware FEC

Supports protocol-compliant hardware
FEC analysis

Rich pattern

Support PRBS7~31Q

/LIN/Square wave/CJT/custom pattern, etc.

link compensation

Supports 64-order CTLE receiver equalization
Supports pre-emphasis and de-emphasis in 3rd/7th order mode

Error injection

Support error injection and input and output polarity switching

Functions and advantages

Real FEC Analysis 

SNR Monitor
PreBER/PostBER Measurement
Symbol Error Distribution
FEC Margin test

Real-time data monitoring

Real-time bit error monitoring
Stay informed about emergencies during testing

Historical data query

Data store local database
Call test records at any time

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