APS-7000 Series Programmable Linear AC Power Sources

  • 4.3-inch TFT-LCD
  • Output capacity : APS-7050(500VA、310Vrms、4.2Arms);APS-7100 (1000VA、310Vrms、8.4Arms);APS-7200(2000VA、310Vrms、16.8Arms);APS-7300 (3000VA、310Vrms、25.2Arms);Output augmentation by options (0~600Vrms/45~999.9Hz)
  • Low Ripple & Noise
  • Measurement and test functions include VOLT、CURR、PWR、SVA、IPK、IPKH、FREQ、PF、CF
  • Support a small AC current measurement 2mA ~ 35A, Min. resolution 0.01mA(APS- 7050& APS-7100)
  • Reverse Current Alarm Function
  • 10 sets of Sequence function to Edit Output Waveforms/ 10 sets of simulate mode to Rapidly Simulate Transient Power Supply/ 10 sets of Program mode to Define Measurement Sequence/ 10 sets of Panel Memory Function
  • Automatic Execution of Sequence、Simulate、Program mode and Output Function when the Power is on
  • Standard Interfaces: LAN, USB Host, USB Device (APS-7200 and APS-7300 models only)
  • Optional Interfaces: GPIB (APS-001);RS-232 / USB CDC(APS-002 for APS-7050& APS-7100 only);RS-232(APS-007 for APS-7200& APS-7300 only)

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Optional Accessories
GPIB interface card
RS-232 / USB interface (APS-7050, APS-7100)
RS-232 interface card(APS-7200, APS-7300)
Output Voltage Capacity (0~600Vrms)
Output Frequency Capacity (45~999.9Hz)
APS-7050, APS-7100 rack mount kit
APS-7200 rack mount kit
APS-7300 rack mount kit


APS-7000 Series Programmable Linear AC Power Sources

GWInstek introduces APS-7000 series programmable AC power sources, which consists of 500VA of APS-7050, 1000VA of APS-7100, 2000VA of APS-7200 and 3000VA of APS-7300. APS-7000 series features power characteristics from its linear structure design including low noise, low THD, and highly stabilized power output that are ideal for the product development and verification of input power with low noise requirement or stereo, video and audio device applications, etc. The maximum rated voltage is 0~ 310Vrms, 25.2Arms, 100.8A peak current and the output frequency range is 45~500.0Hz. Users can conveniently augment the output voltage from 0Vrms to 600Vrms and output frequency from 45Hz to 999.9Hz by purchasing options without sending equipment back to GW Instek.

One of the popular alternative energy solutions in the market is to utilize inverter to convert DC to AC and the converted AC is then sent to power grid or products require electricity. For instance, AC produced by PV inverter is sent to power grid or equipment requires electricity. While simulating power grid to verify inverter connecting with power grid, general AC power sources cannot withstand DUT’s feedback energy, hence, additional power consumption resistors are needed to prevent AC power source from being damaged. On the contrary, APS-7000 series has the characteristic of absorbing reverse current so that additional power consumption resistors are not required. The input terminal of APS-7000 series is designed to isolate from the simulated AC power grid output terminal, therefore, users do not need an additional isolation device to protect DUT.

APS-7000 series is suitable for simulating power grid and conducting inverter output characteristic tests, including synchronized phase and frequency. Reverse current and power detected by APS-7000 series will be displayed in red readings to facilitate user’s test observation. APS-7000
series utilizes Simulate mode and Sequence mode to provide a single step or consecutive power changes; and to simulate power grid’s Voltage Abnormality Test and Frequency Abnormality Test.

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APS-7050, APS-7100, APS-7200, APS-7300

CD ROM(User Manual, Programming Manual for APS-7000) x 1,
Power Cord(Region Dependent), GTL-123 Test Lead
Optional Accessories

APS-001 GPIB interface card
APS-002 RS-232 / USB interface (APS-7050, APS-7100)
APS-007 RS-232 interface card(APS-7200, APS-7300)
APS-003 Output Voltage Capacity (0~600Vrms)
APS-004 Output Frequency Capacity (45~999.9Hz)

GRA-423 APS-7050, APS-7100 rack mount kit
GRA-429 APS-7200 rack mount kit
GRA-430 APS-7300 rack mount kit

  • APS-7050 500VA Programmable AC Power Source
  • APS-7100 1000VA Programmable AC Power Source
  • APS-7200 2000VA Programmable AC Power Source
  • APS-7300 3000VA Programmable AC Power Source