DYVO Forward Probe Kit

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DYVO Forward Probe Kit

The best way to access circuits is using the correct forward probe into a vehicle’s connector. This creates a secure connection for accurate testings and ensures the terminals on the vehicle aren’t damaged. This kit includes the 4 most common sizes that will allow you to access 90% of circuits in vehicles.

Kit includes 16 Probes total:

  • 0.64mm male (micro 64) x2
  • 1.1mm male x2
  • 1.5mm male x2
  • 1.5mm female x2
  • 2.3mm male x2
  • 2.3mm female x2
  • 3.0mm male x2
  • 3.0mm female x2

Fully insulated forward probes with banana connectors works with most all DMM leads (doesn’t require separate leads like some probes). 8″ length with very flexible silicone wire allows you to reach tight spaces.

Other kits are more expensive and sell you on probes you will never use. This kit includes the most common sizes at an affordable price.

1 Year Warranty*

*Does not cover damaged/broken terminals