3680B cable & antenna analyzer 1MHz~8GHz

AV3680A/B Adopting advanced techniques such as hybrid integration design of RF circuit and digital circuit, wideband fundamental-wave mixing, digital IF processing, intelligent power management, etc.




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AV3680B cable & antenna analyzer 1MHz~8GHz

AV3680B  Adopting advanced techniques such as hybrid integration design of RF circuit and digital circuit, wide band fundamental-wave mixing, digital IF processing, intelligent power management, AV3680A/B cable & antenna analyzer has advantages of high-speed, high-accuracy, compact, lightweight, battery-powered, touch screen operation, automatic adjustment of back light brightness.Besides testing VSWR, return loss, characteristic impedance, and phase, it can  precisely locate the fault points as well.

AV3680A/B cable & antenna analyzer is developed for on-site test, which is mainly used for the tset of cable & antenna system in various communication base stations, including trunking, GSM, PCS/DCS, CDMA, GPRS, WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA, LTE and paging system.

During the installation, calibration and routine maintenance of cable & antenna  system,  the cable& antenna analyzer can help users to quickly estimate the status of the transmission and feed line system, improve the maintenance efficiency of the running base stations and speed up the installation and calibration of new base stations. Besides, it can also be used for the reflection parameter test of RF devices and components in scientific research, Technic and manufacturing.

AV3680B Main Features:

  • Support multiple measurements

It supports 7 measurements: return loss, VSWR, cable loss, DTF return loss, DTF VSWR, Smith chart and phase. And it can conduct comprehensive measurement and fault diagnosis on cable and antenna system.

  • Touch screen operation

The instrument is designed with 7 inch LCD touch screen. Besides menu operation, users can also set the parameters by clicking all the displayed information on the touch screen.

The 7 measurement types can be switched by finger sliding, no need of menu operation.

  • Double window display

Each window can display different measurement types, with its independent marker function.

  • List sweep

The instrument supports list sweep function. Multiple frequency segments can be simultaneously measured, and each sweep segment can be set with different points and frequency range. The list edit is convenient: directly click the parameters to be edited. Each segment can be opened or closed through “on/off” setting.

  • Measurement wizard

The measurement wizard illustrates the operation steps of typical measurements to guide users to finish the measurement and helps them to rapidly get familiar with the instrument operation.

  • Data save/recall

To save measurement traces or state, FLASH memory inside the instrument, SD card, and USB device are all available to choose.

  • Embedded electronic calibration

 AV3680A  has embedded electronic calibration kit to realize “one-click” operation, without any external connection.

  • Power measurement

Power measurement option is provided, which can realize accurate power measurement along  with external power sensor options.

  • Resistant to wind & sand

The instrument is suitable for field operation with its resistance to sand, dust, impact and  vibration.

  • Multiple display modes

The instrument has multiple display modes and function of screen brightness adjustment, which can offer the best display result in different environments.

  • GPS location

The instrument has built-in GPS receiver, with which users can get the current location information through externally added GPS antenna.

  • High-capacity battery

The built-in high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery can support AV3680A to operate 8 hours and AV3680B to operate 5 hours. The battery replacement is easy and convenient.

  • Remote operation& tool software

The instrument can be connected to PC via USB or Ethernet to realize remote operation. Tool software is also provided for data analysis, real-time data acquisition, and curve save & recall.

By trace dragging and comparison,traces from different windows can be moved to the same window for math operations.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 7.0 × 29.5 × 20.5 cm
  • Performance measurement and maintenance of cable & antenna system

 AV3680A/B cable & antenna analyzer is developed for the daily measurement &maintenance of cable & antenna system, which can realize the measurement of VSWR, return loss, cable loss etc. It has unique FDR technique, and with functions of Distance-to-Fault (DTF) VSWR and Distance-to-Fault (DTF) return loss, it can precisely locate even tiny problems, and thus eliminate potential risks. During the installation, calibration and routine maintenance of the cable & antenna system, AV3680A/B cable & antenna analyzer can help users to quickly estimate the status of the transmission and feed line system, which can improve the maintenance efficiency of the running base station and speed up the installation and calibration of new base stations.

  • Cable & antenna performance measurement

AV3680A/B cable & antenna analyzer offers multiple measurement modes to measure the cable loss, return loss, and VSWR of the cables.

Model AV3680A AV3680B
Frequency range 1MHz~4GHz 1MHz~8GHz
Initial frequency error ±2×10-6 (23℃) ±2.5×10-6 (23℃)
Frequency temperature


±1×10-6/10℃ (relative to 23℃) ±1×10-6/10℃ (relative to 23℃)
Frequency resolution 1kHz 1kHz


≥42dB (mechanical calibration)

≥35dB (embedded electronic calibration)



Source match ≥31dB (mechanical calibration) ≥31dB
Reflection tracking ±0.08dB (mechanical calibration) ±0.08dB


Battery capacity

8h (without embedded calibration option, 70% brightness)

6h (with embedded calibration





Power consumption ≤15W (no battery charging)

≤54W(battery charging)

≤18W (no battery charging)

≤54W (battery charging)

Sweep time 1ms/frequency point (10kHz IF bandwidth)
Power adapter AC power:

110V (1±10%) or 220V (1±10%), 50Hz (1±5%)

Dimensions 295mm (W)×205mm (H)×70mm (D)
Weight 2.5kg (with battery)
Operation temperature -10℃~+50℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+70℃


Conforms to requirements of GJB3947A-20093.9.1
Test port Type N, female
10MHz input/output


GPS antenna interface BNC
  • Main unit: AV3680Acable & antenna analyzer (1MHz~4GHz) AV3680Bcable & antenna analyzer (1MHz~8GHz)
  • Standard accessories:
No. Description Remarks
1 Power cord Standard 3-core power cord
2 Power adapter
3 Quick start guide 1 pc
4 PC tool software CD
5 USB cable
6 Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion


7 Charger on vehicle
8 Certificate of conformity
  • Options:
No. Description Function Remark
AV3680A-001 English options
AV3680A-002 User manual (in English)
AV3680A-003 User manual (in Chinese)
AV3680A-004 Programming manual (in Chinese)
AV3680A-005 Programming manual (in English)
AV3680A-006 USB power measurement Power measurement
AV3680A-007 AV87230 USBCW power sensor 9kHz~6GHzpower sensor



AV87231 USB CW power sensor

10MHz~18GHz power sensor
AV3680A-009 AV87232 USBCW power sensor 50MHz~26.5GHzpower


AV3680A-010 AV87233 USBCW power sensor 50MHz~40GHzpower


AV3680A-011 Rechargeable lithium-ion battery Spare battery



N-type male calibration kitAV31101A



DC~18GHzcalibration kit

AV3680A-013 N-type female calibration


DC~18GHzcalibration kit
AV3680A-014 N-type male calibration


DC~9GHzcalibration kit
AV3680A-015 N-type female calibration


DC~9GHzcalibration kit



Functional bag






Carrying backpack

AV3680A-018 Transportation case






AV3680A-020 N-DINadapterL29/N-JJ-T N-DINadapter



GPS antenna


GPS external antenna






Low-loss cableN-JK(80cm)



test port extending cable






Low-loss cableN-JJ(80cm)



test port extending cable




purple cat5e cable(2m)


Point-to-point cable






MicroSD Class4









Power adapter



Power adapter

AV3680A-027 Embedded electronic calibration


Built-in Only for


AV3680A-028 Economical calibration kit (male)


DC~9GHzcalibration kit
AV3680A-029 Economical calibration kit(female)


DC~9GHz calibration kit