4456E 4CH, 1GHz, 5GSa/s(1ch), 2.5GSa/s(4ch) Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

4456E 4CH, 1GHz, 5GSa/s(1ch), 2.5GSa/s(4ch)

  • Five in One
  • Any Acquire Phosphor
  • Abundant optional sensors
  • 1-inch screen
  • Compact, Light, Portable
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4456E 4CH, 1GHz, 5GSa/s(1ch), 2.5GSa/s(4ch)

Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

4456 Series Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope integrates functionalities of a digital oscilloscope, a logic analyzer, a function generator, a protocol analyzer and a digital voltmeter and has many functions including waveform auto-set, automatic measurement of waveform parameter, cursor measurement, histograms measurement, arithmetic operation, FFT analysis, serial protocol trigger and analysis, limit and mask test, power measurement and analysis, waveform record and replay, mixed signal analysis, arbitrarily function generator and so on.


  • Five in One
  • Any Acquire Phosphor
  • Abundant optional sensors
  • 10.1-inch screen
  • Compact, Light, Portable


Oscilloscope has 350MHz-1GHz bandwidth, 5GSa/s sample rate, up to 500Mpts/CH memory depth, up to 1000,000 wfms/s Waveform capture rates. The originally developed Any Acquire Phosphor technique provides brand-new use experiences of oscilloscope for clients.








Logic Analyzer(optional)

The logic analyzer provides 16 logic channels, 2.5GSa/s sample rate and 500Mpts memory depth and
makes it possibile to analysis mixed signal easily.







Function Generator(optional)

The function generator can output more than 10 types of pre-defined waveforms with the bandwidth
up to 25MHz. The arbitrary waveform generator provides 16k points outputs and you can quickly
generate signals you want through drawing the output waveform on the capacitance touch screen.








Protocol Analyzer(optional)

The protocol analyzer supports auto trigger, decoding and analysis of multiple protocols, like I2C,
SPI, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, RS232, USB, Audio, and 1553. Serial protocol test solutions are available for
embedded, vehicle, computer, audio and aviation etc.









4456 series support passive voltage probes, high voltage single-ended probes, high voltage differential
probes and current probes etc, which meets your various test requirements.







Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 16 × 42.60 × 22.15 cm

Simple Technical Specifications

Models 4456C 4456D 4456E 4456CM 4456DM 4456EM




Analog channels 4
Bandwidth 350MHz 500MHz 1GHz 350MHz 500MHz 1GHz
Sample rate 5GSa/s(1ch), 2.5GSa/s(4ch) 5GSa/s(1ch), 1.25GSa/s(4ch)
Memory deepth 500Mpts/CH 200Mpts/CH
Waveform capture rate 1,000,000 wfms/s
Vertical resolution 8bit

Logic analyzer

Digital channels 16
Sample rate 2.5GSa/s
Memory deepth 500Mpts/CH 200Mpts/CH
Function generator 1 channel, 25MHz bandwidth, 200MSa/s sample rate, 14bit vertical resolution
Protocol analyzer I2C, SPI,CAN, LIN, FlexRay, RS232, USB, Audio, MIL-STD-1553
Digital voltmeter 4 digits voltage, 6 digital frequency
Display 10.4 -inch capacitance touched screen

Ordering Information

Model Name Model Name
4456C 4CH, 350MHz, 5GSa/s(1ch), 2.5GSa/s(4ch) 4456CM 4CH, 350MHz, 5GSa/s(1ch), 1.25GSa/s(4ch)
4456D 4CH, 500MHz, 5GSa/s(1ch), 2.5GSa/s(4ch) 4456DM 4CH, 500MHz, 5GSa/s(1ch), 1.25GSa/s(4ch)
4456E 4CH, 1GHz, 5GSa/s(1ch), 2.5GSa/s(4ch) 4456EM 4CH, 1GHz, 5GSa/s(1ch), 1.25GSa/s(4ch)


Number Name
1 4 passive voltage probes, power cord, User Manual, Programming Manual


Number Name Number Name
4456-H01 Logic analyzer module 4456-H20 P4220 high voltage single-ended probe
4456-H02 Function generator module 4456-H21 AP621 current probe
4456-H03 P9558 high voltage single-ended probe 4456-H22 AP622D current probe
4456-H04 P3258 high voltage single-ended probe 4456-H23 AP204A current probe
4456-H05 P8050 high voltage differential probe 4456-H24 PL-50 50Ω impedance adapter
4456-H06 P8100 high voltage differential probe 4456-H25 PL-75 75Ω impedance adapter
4456-H07 AP622 current probe 4456-H26 PL-93 93Ω impedance adapter
4456-H08 AP202 current probe 4456-S01 Limit mask test module
4456-H09 Rack mount kit 4456-S02 Power analysis module
4456-H10 Hard transit case 4456-S03 HD video trigger module
4456-H11 English front panel 4456-S04 I2C trigger and analysis module
4456-H12 P9550A voltage probe 4456-S05 RS232 trigger and analysis module
4456-H13 P9551 passive voltage probe 4456-S06 SPI trigger and analysis module
4456-H14 P9350A passive voltage probe 4456-S07 CAN trigger and analysis module