PCTEL Public Safety Network Testing Solution – P25

• Ensure in-building coverage for First Responders and Business Critical communications
• Simultaneously test coverage and signal quality across multiple LMR, cellular, and
WiFi networks
• Comply with NFPA 1221, IFC 510, and local code requirements for grid testing
• Automatically generate real-time pass/fail results and printable reports
• Streamline the building approval process

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PCTEL Public Safety Network Testing Solution – P25

With this automated grid-based testing and reporting tool, you can ensure public safety and private radio coverage while reducing or even eliminating time-consuming manual processes. Meet and enforce local building codes for Emergency Radio Responder Coverage (ERRC). Create grids and set up tests. Measure and grade by threshold. And auto-generate real time results and submittable reports with one tap.

Kits include our tablet-based SeeHawk® Touch software, lightweight IBflex® scanning receiver, and accessories for in-building or outdoor testing.

Grid Test Features

  • Simultaneous testing – automatically test multiple public safety, cellular, WiFi and private radio frequencies with one tap
  • Automated reports – pass-fail grading to comply with NFPA, IFC, and local codes
  • Commissioning – automatically incorporate equipment room tests into reports
  • Signal quality – fast, accurate, repeatable measurements for P25, DMR, TETRA, LTE/FirstNet and UMTS

Additional Features

  • Indoor walk testing – detailed data for network design, baseline testing and optimization
  • Spectrum analysis mode – troubleshooting and equipment room testing, right on your tablet
  • Antenna verification tool (optional) – fast troubleshooting for DAS and small cell commissioning
  • Outdoor mode (optional) – drive and walk testing for cellular and LMR networks with automatic GPS mapping