FZW600-APC with FC/APC fibre connector,

  • Operates over 400 – 1100nm without recalibration
  • 3-sigma uncertainty of 600MHz; typical measurement accuracy < 200MHz
  • Built-in PID for laser frequency stabilisation
  • Runs from USB or DC jack, no computer required!
  • Simple computer interface over Ethernet/USB

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FZW600-APC with FC/APC fibre connector,

A compact wavelength measurement device based on Fizeau interferometers, providing reliably accurate measurements over a wide range of wavelengths (400-1100nm) without recalibration. The measurement and calculation is performed on the device, with the result displayed on the screen, removing the need for a host computer. Turn it on, and know your wavelength in less than 2 seconds.

The small form factor makes it an easy-to-use analysis tool, and can be powered either through USB or from a DC plugpack. It provides an analogue output for either wavelength monitoring or laser stabilisation via a built-in tuneable PID controller.

It includes both Ethernet and USB interfaces for command and query, with immediate integration into existing control systems (LabVIEW, MATLAB and python drivers provided). It comes with a fully-featured software suite, including long-term measurement and modehop-free scan-range measurement. A simple one-button recalibration procedure using an external reference source compensates for any long-term drift.

Matching fibre switches are available (see below), able to measure and stabilise up to 8 separate lasers.

Contact MOGLabs to discuss OEM integration opportunities.

Optional 4- and 8-channel fibre switcher

The FZW supports an optional multi-channel optical fibre switcher that allows switching between multiple input fibres. The switcher is available in 4-channel (FSW4) and 8-channel (FSW8) configurations, with dedicated per-channel analog outputs. This provides the capability to perform simultaneous PID frequency stabilisation of multiple lasers.



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