4958 Multifunction Microwave Analyzer

AV4958 Multifunctional Microwave Analyzer integrates multiple functions like testing of cable and antenna VSWR, distance to fault(DTF), insertion loss and gain, spectrum analysis and power measurement, etc.



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AV4958 Multifunction Microwave Analyzer

AV4958 Multifunctional Microwave Analyzer integrates multiple functions like testing of cable and antenna VSWR, distance to fault(DTF), insertion loss and gain, spectrum analysis and power measurement, etc. AV4958 is flexible and convenient to carry with the frequency range from 1MHz to 20GHz. Battery is available for power supply so it is suitable for field testing. Used widely in several fields including field installation,performance testing,daily maintenance and emergency maintenance testing of electronic equipment in terms of radar, communication and ECM. The analyzer can help upgrade filed repair and support of users.

  • Multiple measurement modes:

Antenna feeder test: for test of cable and antenna.(return loss, DTF, etc); Network analysis: for test of full S-parameters (various display types);

Spectrum analysis: for spectrum analysis ( field strength, channel power, occupied bandwidth, etc);

Power monitoring: for power measurement;

Vector voltage measurement: for measurement of vector voltage;

USB power measurement: for power measurement of USB interface;

  • High performance

Frequency range of feeder test is 1MHz~20GHz, frequency resolution is 10Hz; Frequency range of network analysis is 1MHz~20GHz, frequency resolution is 10Hz, dynamic range is 80dB~95dB;

Frequency   range   of   spectrum   analysis   is   100KHz ~ 20GHzm,   sideband   noise is

-105dBc/Hz@1MHz(1GHz carrier);

  • Flexibility

Small and light with built-in battery, provides easy field operation; Perfect auto diagnosis and auto status testing; Intelligent power management, indication of remaining capacity and lower battery warning;

  • Friendly man-analyzer interface:

Chinese and English menu with instructions and help info; 7-inch high-brightness true-color TFT LCD,good visibility even under direct sunlight;

  • Universal interface

External input bias T is available, provides power supply for active DUT;

Two types of USB2.0 interface, for connection of portable storage device and communication with PC;

One 100M network interface, for construction of local network or remote control;

Feeder test:

Frequency range of the feeder test of the analyzer is 1MHz~20GHz, frequency resolution is 10Hz. It can measure parameters like voltage VSWR, return loss, impedance and cable loss of DUT. DTF is also available to identify impedance mismatch precisely.

Network analysis:

Frequency range of the network analysis is 1 MHz~20 GHz, frequency resolution is 10 Hz. Analysis and measurement of full 4 S parameters vector network are all available. The analyzer can test full S parameters of amplifiers, filters, attenuator s and diplexers, etc, with such display formats as logarithmic, linear, phase, impedance, polar coordinates and so on. .

Spectrum analysis:

Frequency range of spectrum analysis of the analyzer is 100 kHz~20 GHz. With the features  of wide frequency band, high resolution, high level of sensitivity, large dynamic range, etc, it can acquire special info which cannot be easily obtained from time-domain measurement, such as spectrum purity, signal distortion, spurious signal, inter-modulation, and so on.

USB power measurement(option)

Users may choose AV8723X Series USB power sensor produced by the 41st Institute for power measurement, which can test the RF/microwave power at frequency up to 40GHz.

Power Monitoring(option)

Frequency range of power test is from 100 KHz to 20 GHz. And power measurement of signal is available by spectrum input interface.

Vector Voltage Measurement(option)

Frequency range of vector voltage measurement is from 1 MHz to 20 GHz. The analyzer can achieve accurate test of cables or other tested pieces by adopting integration scheme instead of traditional vector voltage meter.


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 12.00 × 33.00 × 23.00 cm

Test in multi fields:

  • Test of filter

Test filter specs like insertion loss, ripple wave, out-of-band rejection, etc.

  • Measurement of time domain

Test cable length and DTF by antenna feeder test or time domain of network analysis.

  • Test of radar and communication system Measure scattering parameters of radar network

Be used in design of all kinds of military and civil radar systems to precisely test  frequency, power and phase noise of all kinds of signals during R&D. It can also test different kinds of stray signals, spurious signals, and harmonic distortion and modulation characteristic of signals.

  • Monitoring and management of spectrum

Manage RF signals within the control range and identify and search all kinds of disturbance signals, such as monitoring and management of military radio station, broadcast station, communication equipment, airport, base station and sensitive regions. Monitoring of radio station is also available due to audio demodulation function of it.

  • Monitoring of communication satellite

Monitor spectrum quality, power and power control status of satellite signals, determine and search disturbance signals to keep safe, reliable and stable operation of satellite network.

  • Test of RFID field

For RF identification system, the analyzer is used for transmitting stray radiation by interrogator and tests on filed strength, frequency deviation, occupied bandwidth, polling and timing measurement, etc.

  • Test of Bluetooth areas

For tests on transmitter power, power spectrum, modulation, stray radiation of transceiver of Bluetooth system, etc.

  • Test of components, parts and instruments

To measure amplitude of S-parameter, phase and group delay of DUT with highly efficient and powerful capability at error correction. Be widely used in military and civil fields,  such as components, radar, aerospace, electronic jamming and countermeasure, communication, radio and television.

For components like cables, connectors, amplifiers, filters, mixers, attenuators, isolators and couplers, the analyzer can conduct tests on parameters including gain, frequency response, bandwidth, insertion loss, conversion loss, isolation and distortion.

Be used for tests on several kinds of instruments and equipment. For example, the analyzer can test specs like frequency, power, phase noise, spurious, harmonic distortion and modulation characteristic in terms of maintenance, repair and monitoring of signal generators.



Items Specifications


Test of antenna and transmission lines

Frequency range 1MHz~20GHz
Frequency accuracy ±1×10 -6
Frequency resolution 10Hz
Data points 11,21,51,101,201,501,1001
Effective directivity 32dB~42dB
Effective source match 30dB





Network analysis

Frequency range 1MHz~20GHz
Frequency accuracy ±1×10 -6
Frequency resolution 10Hz
Data points 11,21,51,101,201,501,1001
IF bandwidth 10Hz~100kHz, in 1-2-10 sequence
Effective directivity 32dB~42dB
Effective source match 30dB
S21 Dynamic range 80dB~95dB







Spectrum Analysis

Frequency range 100kHz~20GHz(can be modulated to 9kHz)
Harmonic resolution 1Hz
Sweep width 100Hz~20GHz,0Hz
Resolution bandwidth 1Hz~3MHz, in 1-3-10 sequence
Video bandwidth 1Hz~3MHzn, in 1-3-10 sequence

Noise sideband





Displayed        average noise level

≤-151dBm/Hz(10MHz~4GHz,preamplifier is on)



Total              absolute amplitude accuracy ±2.0dB (20℃~30℃,input 0dBm~-50dBm)

±2.7dB (0℃~50℃,input 0dBm~-50dBm)

Residual response ≤-80dBm

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Items Specifications  








Reference level range -80dBm~+30dBm

Input voltage VSWR

≤1.7:1(≤6GHz,typical value)

≤2.1:1(>6GHz,typical value)


Power measurement


Frequency range 10MHz~18GHz(depending on the sensor,please see Options
Power range Please see datasheet of sensor for more detail
Power accuracy Please see datasheet of sensor for more detail


Frequency measurement

Frequency range 100kHz~20GHz
Frequency resolution 1Hz
Frequency accuracy ±[ readout frequency×(1×10 -6(23℃)+10-6/10℃)+10Hz]
Sensitivity -40dBm



Test interface of cable and antenna feeder Type N(F)
Test interface of VNA Type N(F)
Test      interface      of spectrum analysis  

Type N(F)

Control interface  


Operating temp 0℃~+50℃
Storage temp  

-40℃~ +70℃

Dimensions Max dimensions:330mm(W)×230mm (H)×120mm (D)
Weight Less than 5kg


AC 220V~ ±10 %,50Hz±5 %
Built-in battery Nominal voltage: 10.8V,consecutive working time≥3h
Power consumption  


Cooling method  

Internal air cooling

NO. Names Instruction Diagram
1 User’s Manual offer     guidance     for

users,             introduce instrument functions

2 Power Line Set Standard           tri-core power      cord+AC-DC

Adapter   (  input :



Output:18.0V-3.33A) Rechargeable                          lithium battery

Models Names Function Diagram
AV4958-H01 Rechargeable         battery


Battery powered
AV4958-H02 Type    T    male    cal    kit


To calibrate main unit
AV4958-H03 Type   T   female   cal  kit


To calibrate main unit
AV4958-H04 3.5mm cal ki(t   AV31121) To calibrate main unit
AV4958-H06 AV87231    USB    Power


Frequency Range:


AV4958-H07 AV87232    USB    Power


Frequency Range:


AV4958-H08 AV87233    USB    Power


Frequency Range:


AV4958-H09 AV87230    USB    Power


Frequency Range:


AV4958-H10 Multifunctional soft bag Portable    package                 and toolkit for main unit
AV4958-H12 Type N testing cable For measurement
AV4958-H13 3.5mm testing cable


For measurement
AV4958-H11 Safety transportation case Convenient consignment
AV4958-S01 USB power measurement

( require    USB   power sensor in addition)

Achieve                 power

measurement    by                         USB interface

AV4958-S02 Power monitoring For power measurement
AV4958-S03 Vector voltmeter For       vector       voltage


AV4958-S04 GPS positioning For     reporting     current