10GHz Sampling Scope DCA4201

DCA4201 sampling oscilloscope is based on equivalent sampling technology, which enables the measurement of high-speed optoelectronic digital signals with higher accuracy and better cost. Through different filter options configuration, it can support 10G and below rate optical eye diagram test.

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10GHz Sampling Scope DCA4201

Fast Sampling

Equivalent sampling rate 100K

Extinction ratio correction

Support extinction ratio correction

Eye Mask Test

Automatic eye margin testing(Mask Margin)

Standard Filter

Covers 1-11.3Gb/s data rates

Functions and advantages

Multi-port integrated design

Small size (the size is about 1/4 of the traditional sampling oscilloscope)to saves space;
The standard configuration supports 1 optical port + 1 electrical port (20G BW), which can support the test of optical signal and electrical signal at the same instrument
Differential electrical port is optional, support 10G and below rate electrical eye parameter testing

Calibrated reference receiver

Meets Industry Frequency Response Tolerances
Semight DCA4201 sampling oscilloscope(2.5G)

Calibrated reference receiver

Semight DCA4201 sampling oscilloscope(10G)


With extinction ratio correction factor/dark current self-calibration and other algorithms,

test results are highly consistent with industry standards,

Module under test RMS Jitter (ps) Intersection
Crossing (%)
Rise Time
20%~80% (ps)
Extinction Ratio (dB) Template margin
Mask Margin (%)
DUT1 Semight DCA4201 11.69 52.04% 153.86 10.44 28.91%
Consistency (absolute deviation) 0.26 0.06% 2.34 0.12 1.20%
Consistency (relative deviation %) 2.27% -0.12% -1.50% -1.14% 4.37%
DUT2 Semight DCA4201 7.73 50.30% 149.56 11.31 40.63%
Consistency (absolute deviation) -0.1 0.06% 2.34 0.12 1.20%
Consistency (relative deviation %) -1.28% -0.20% -3.76% -2.25% 3.65%

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 45.0 × 21.2 × 10.5 cm
Optical Channel Specifications
Nominal wavelength range 750 to 1650nm
Factory calibrated wavelength (OE conversion gain) 850/1270/1310/1550nm(±20nm)
Reference receiver filter
DCA4201-140 GPON,1.244 Gb/s
Gb Ethernet,1.250 Gb/s,
CPRI 1.229 Gb/s
DCA4201-160 OC-48/STM-16,2.488 Gb/s,
2 Gb Ethernet,2.500 Gb/s,
CPRI 2.458 Gb/s
DCA4201-180 10Gb Ethernet LX-4,3.125 Gb/s,
CPRI 3.072 Gb/s
DCA4201-200 CPRI 6.144 Gb/s,6.25 Gb/s
DCA4201-100 8x Fibre Channel,8.500 Gb/s
OC-192/STM-64,9.953 Gb/s
10Gb Ethernet,10.3125 Gb/s
10x Fibre Channel,10.51875 Gb/s
OC-192/STM-64 FEC,10.664 Gb/s OC-192/STM-64 FEC,10.709 Gb/s
10Gb Ethernet FEC,11.0957 Gb/s
10x Fibre Channel FEC,11.317 Gb/s


Electrical Channel Specifications
Electrical channel bandwidth 20GHz(typ.)
Rise Time(10%~90%) 20ps
Maximum input amplitude (peak) <1V
Noise floor <2mV(typ.)
Sensitivity 24mV
Reflection 10%