Protek 9216B 200kHz Bench Type LCR Meter

  • Low cost, high performance, Small Size
  • 3” TFT LCD & Dual display



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Protek 9216B 200kHz Bench Type LCR Meter

9216B High technology & quality circuit design and concentrating essence of LCR Test, Protek-9216B is a new generation compact LCR Meter of low cost and high performance. Also of traditional mechanical power switch, it New Software control power switch. The basic accuracy of 0.05% and good test stability can compare favorably with that high-end model. Being equipped with 4.3″ inch TFT LCD Display and brand new interface system, Protek-9216B LCR Meter possess elegant appearance and easy operation. Also, being provided with various interfaces and good compatibility with SCPI commands, Protek-9216B LCR Meter is convenient for constituting all kinds of test system and satisfy various kinds of demands for inspection, and scientific research.

Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 36.0 × 23.5 × 10.5 cm
  • Low cost, high performance, Small Size
  • 3” TFT LCD & Dual display
  • Max 200kHz Test Frequency
  • Max 6 Digit Reading Resolution
  • 10mVrms~2.0Vrms Programmable Signal Level, 0~±5V50mA Built-in bias source
  • DCR, 50mV~ 2V Programmable test level, 10µΩ Resolution
  • Ls-Rd / Lp-Rd Function (L, Rd display simultaneously)*
  • Highest test speed 13ms/time
  • Selectable 30Ω/100Ω Impedance Signal Source
  • V/I Monitor and auto level adjustment function
  • Built-in comparator, 10Bins sorting and count function
  • File Storage and fimware update through USB Disk
  • RS-232C, RS485, USB, HANDLER, GPIB Interface
  • Rd means DCR
Description Protek 9216B


Basic Measurement Accuracy

LCRZ 0.05%
DCR 0.1%

Cabliration Condition

Warm up time : ≥30minutes ; Environment temperature : 23±5℃ Signal Level : 1Vrms ;

Correction: after OPEN, SHORT

Testing cable length : 0m

Test Signal Frequency 20Hz ~ 200kHz
SIgnal Source Output Impedance 30Ω, 100Ω, ±1% @1kHz



AC Test Signal Level



10mV~ 2Vrms
Resolution : 10mV / Accuracy : 10% x Setting voltage+2mV
100µA~ 20mArms / Resolution : 0.1mA

Constant level (ALC ON)

20mA~ 1Vrms
Resolution : 10mV / Accuracy 10%
200µA~ 10mArms / Resolution : 0.1mA
DCR test signal level 50mV~ 2V DC / Resolution : 0.5mV


DC Bias Voltage Source

0V~ ±5V
Resolution : 0.5mV / Accuracy 1%
0mA~ ±50mA
Resolution : 0.5µA
Test Parameter lZl, lYl, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θ, DCR
DCR Display Range 0.00001 Ω~ 99.9999 MΩ




LCR Parameters Display Range

lZl, R, X    0.00001Ω ~ 99.9999Ω

lYl, G, B    0.00001µs ~ 99.9999s C         0.00001pF ~ 9.99999F

L         0.00001µH ~ 99.9999Kh D         0.00001 ~ 9.99999

Q         0.00001 ~ 99999.9

θ(DEG)     -179.999° ~ 179.999° θ(RAD)     -3.14159 ~ 3.14159Ω

Δ%         -999.999% ~ 999.999%

Display Digits 6 digits
Measurement Time (≥10kHz) Fast : 75meas/sec(13ms), Medium : 11meas/sec(90ms)

,Slow : 2.7meas/sec(370ms)

Equivalent circuit Serial, Parallel
Range Mode Auto, Hold
Trigger Mode Internal, Manual, External, Bus
Average time 1-255
Correction Open, Short, Load
Math operation Direct reading, ΔABS, Δ%
Description Protek 9216B
Trigger Delay Time Setting 0 ~ 60.000s 1ms steps
Step Delay Time Setting 0 ~ 60.000s 1ms steps

List Sweep

– 10 points list sweep

– Frequency, AC voltage/current, internal/external bias voltage/current can be swept.

– Each sweep point can be sorted separately


Comparator Function

10 bins, BIN1-BING9, NG, AUX
Bin count function
PASS, FAIL LED Display on front panel
Built-in Storage Internal 100 LCRZ instrument setting files, 201 times test results
USB Storage Instrument setting files, measurement result CSV fIles,

printed screen (GIF format)



Communication USB HOST, RS-232C, RS485(optional), GPIB(optional)
Storage USB DEVICE ( U-Disk storage )
Dimension 235mm(W) * 105mm(H) * 360mm(D)
Weight ± 3.6 kg
Standard Products Manual, TEST FIXTURE, Power Cable, Fuse(1), CD, USB Cable