Fast Wavelength Meter FWM8612

With the increasing demand for communication data, a large number of coherent communication modules based on wavelength-tunable lasers are used in the transmission backbone network.
The number of communication channels continues to increase, from the initial 40 waves to the current maximum of 800 waves, and each wavelength requires a wavelength meter to calibrate the tunable laser, so fast and accurate wavelength testing is more critical than ever.

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Fast Wavelength Meter FWM8612

High wavelength accuracy

±0.33ppm (typ: ±0.5pm) for wavelength calibration and metrology rate;

Fast Test

All-solid-state structure, non-mechanical moving parts optical design, fast test speed

Support broadband mode

Accurate wavelength measurement of 96Gbaud modulated optical signals

Rich trigger function

Support external or internal trigger

Features and Benefits

High Speed

The FWM8612 wavelength meter is in the ordinary single sampling mode, the sampling rate can be as high as 200Hz, which is 20-100 times that of the ordinary multi-wavelength based Michelson interferometer, the power accuracy is <0.5dB, and the repeatability is <0.02dB.

Internal trigger sampling mode

FWM8612 has a built-in trigger signal generator, and its fast measurement function, as shown in the figure below, triggers 1000Hz to measure the switching cycle and stability of ordinary mechanical optical switches, and can observe the transient wavelength and power information of the tunable laser.

External trigger sampling mode

FWM8612 fast wavelength meter supports 5V TTL trigger level and external trigger with sampling rate up to 1000Hz. It can simultaneously measure the scanning spectrum of tunable lasers, ModeMap scanning and channel calibration of tunable lasers, and synchronous monitoring of wavelength power of pulsed lasers.

Broadband working mode

High-speed modulation will make the original narrow linewidth laser (usually kHz~MHz) spectral broadening (96Gbaud modulation signal)。

Broadband working mode

FWM8612 has been further optimized on the basis of the original, and finally realized the accurate wavelength measurement of 400G QAM16 (96Gbaud) signal.

Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 40.8 × 44.1 × 15.7 cm
Wavelength Index Wavelength Range 1250~1650nm(182~240THz)
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.33ppm (±0.5pm@1550nm)
Wavelength Repeatability ±0.07ppm (±0.1pm@1550nm)
Wavelength Stability <±0.3pm@24 Hour
Wavelength Resolution 0.1pm
Wavelength Unit Nm,cm-1,THz
Power Index Power Accuracy ±0.5dB(±30nm from 1310 and 1550nm)
Power Linearity ±0.5dB(1250–1650nm)
Polarization loss ±0.5dB(1250–1650nm)
Display Resolution 0.01dB
Unit dBm,mW
Multi-peak detection index Minimum frequency difference of main peak/secondary peak for multi-peak detection 2300MHz
Multi-peak detection main peak / secondary peak maximum power difference 17dB
Measuring speed indicators Single Sample Single sampling ~200Hz
Velocity@External Trigger External trigger 1~1000Hz
Velocity @ Internal Trigger Internal trigger 1~1000Hz
Optical signal input indicator Maximum Bandwidth 25GHz(200pm@1550nm)
Input optical signal power range -30dBm~+10dBm(8µW~10mW)
Optical interface 9/125µm single-modefiber(FC/PC)
Optical interface return loss >35dB
Trigger Indicator Trigger Logic level TTL
External trigger Support wavelength and power synchronization trigger(1Hz~1kHz)
Internal trigger Support internal trigger frequency setting(1Hz~1kHz)