Clock Recovery Unit CR6256-56G

The delay of digital DSP CDR is a thousand times higher than that of analog CDR, and its high delay characteristic makes it difficult to ensure the phase matching between the input signal and the output signal, so that the clock output of the bit error tester can no longer meet the 53Gbaud on the optical port side. 53G PAM4 eye test need to recover the clock signal from the data.

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Clock Recovery Unit CR6256-56G

Wide range of rates

Support 49.7664~56 GBaud/24.8832~28 GBaud
NRZ/PAM4 signal clock extraction at rate;

A wide range of applications

IEEE802.3 Ethernet, Fibre Channel and OIF standard specifications for TDECQ indicators;

Easy to use

Built-in touch screen display and control, all functions of clock recovery can be realized without external computer;

High sensitivity

It is very beneficial to the application scenario of silicon photonics under low optical power;

Easy to use

Can be used with other sampling oscilloscopes in the industry, with built-in touch screen display and control;

Flexible configuration

Single and multi-mode integration;
Both optical and electrical clock recovery are supported;
Support built-in beam splitter (optional)

Multiple frequency output

Support 1/2, 1/4@53.125 GBaud;
1/1, 1/2@26.5625 GBaud;
It can meet the trigger bandwidth requirements of various sampling oscilloscopes in the industry;

Excellent performance

Fast locking,
full/semi-auto locking mode,
Very low random jitter

Features and Benefits

  • High sensitivity

    -14dBm@26.5625Gbaud/-12dBm@53Gbaud (PRBS15, TDECQ=2.0dB) is very beneficial to the application scenario of silicon photonics under low optical power;
    Effect of input power on TDECQ of 26Gbaud PAM4 signal

  • High sensitivity

    Effect of input power on TDECQ of 53Gbaud PAM4 signal

  • Real-time monitoring of input power

LCD screen displays real-time input optical power, monitoring link status at any time
Touch screen settings, complete the test, does not depend on the computer


Additional information


CR6256 28GBd PAM4 CDR, CR6256-SM 56GBd PAM4 CDR, single mode, CR6256-MM 56GBd PAM4 CDR, single mode+multi mode

Clock Recovery Rate Range 25GBaud~56GBaud
Signal Format NRZ/PAM4
Optical interface FC/PC
Electrical interface 2.92mm
Input power range -14dBm~3dBm
Receiver sensitivity
-12dBm@53.125GBaud PAM4;
-14dBm@26.5625GBaud PAM4;
Wavelength range 850nm~1650nm
Optical interface return loss <-23dB
Recovery clock divider ratio 1/2, 1/4@53.125GBaud;
1/1, 1/2@26.5625GBaud;
Amplitude of Electrical Output 300mV
Random Jitter of recovered clock 290fs
Impedance 50Ω
PLL bandwidth 20MHz max