4992A-2.7 Radio Test Set 2 MHz to 2.7 GHz

AV4992A Radio Test Set, which integrates multiple meters with the functions including  RF  transmission  and  receiving  analysis,  audio  source  and  analysis,  can measure various performance of radios, inter phones and audio equipment at the range of 2 MHz~1 GHz / 2.7 GHz, and test standing wave of communication cables and antennas.


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AV4992A Radio Test Set 2 MHz to 1 GHz / 2.7 GHz

AV4992A Radio Test Set, which integrates multiple meters with the functions including  RF  transmission  and  receiving  analysis.  Audio  source  and  analysis can measure various performance of radios, inter phones and audio equipment at the range of 2 MHz~1 GHz / 2.7 GHz. It is a comprehensive radio-testing meter enjoying overall functions at a small size.

Featured with strong environment adaptability and rechargeable battery. The tester can be used for simple lab application, production and debugging of communication equipment, field on-site installation, repair and maintenance. AV4992A is useful in civil communication, public security, military information technology, construction, etc.

Main Characteristics

  • Handheld in design, small in size and light in weight, easy for carry
  • Powerful environment adaptability, two supply modes, convenient outdoor tests at anywhere and anytime
  • Dual RF sources, superior spectrum purity, integrated solution of radio/inter phone
  • Design of universal spectrum analysis modules, easier for signal search and
  • USB and LAN interfaces, flexible remote control is
  • Chinese/English menus, friendly and convenient for user

Small size, lightweight, on-site application can be easily accomplished Implementing light plastic for shell; AV4992A Radio Test Set is the smallest and exquisite radio multi meter. Compared with other meters of the same performance. The built-in rechargeable battery with high capacity is easy for replacement. You can enjoy the performance of desktop equipment but with handheld convenience brought by the small size, large-capacity battery and multi-function working backpack. The tester is extremely suitable for on-site usage.

Size:≤295mm×195mm×70mm Wight:Lighter than 2.6kg

Super powerful capabilities of environmental adaption and dust-sand proof, handy for tests in sundry environments.

AV4992A applies the excellent design of low power consumption and heat radiation, which meets the third-class equipment standards regulated in GJB3947A, which are surpassed by the tester in several aspects in terms of the performance, such as usage in the outside temperature at -10℃~+50℃. It can maintain the high performance no matter how extreme the temperature is. Caps used for protection of sensitive parts like connectors, which enables free operation.

A colorful touch screen with back-light sensors

AV4992A employs a 7” colorful touch screen to follow the latest testing demands and trends. One window supports simultaneous display of multiple meters in rolling. The windows can be zoomed as per your needs. Touch parameters to update parameter setting. The built-in back light sensing can adjust display light intensity automatically according to environmental light, so that operation is comfort largely enhanced.

Complete testing functions give you outstanding and comprehensive testing results

AV4992A integrates numerous meters containing RF source, audio source, cable tester, RF meter, audio meter, oscilloscope, demodulation meter, digital voltmeter, spectrum analyzer, etc. which can perform tests on over 20 parameters. As an engineers’ right-hand equipment, it can satisfy almost all testing demands from measurements on universal radio transmission and receiving devices.

Flexible operation due to one-key integration/menu customization, provides you convenient testing experience

AV4992A is capable of one-key integration to meet various testing needs of customers. You can configure it freely to eliminate complicated setting steps in relatively fixed testing parts or conditions. Instead, you can have a direct view on testing results.

The built-in diagnosis “doctor”, offers you more direct and clear testing outcomes

AV4992A sets up corresponding qualified testing ranges against many testing items based on application conditions. Once the testing alarm function is on, the back light color will not change if the result fits in the range, the back light turns to blue if the result fails the lower limit and turns to red if the result is higher than the upper limit. Users can get clear and direct views of existing testing results.

Chinese/English operation menu, on-line testing support and breakdown analysis are available

The default menu of AV4992A is in Chinese. English version can also be set. Many shortcut keys lead you to the selection menu directly, which is simple for comprehension and operation. Without special training, users can master the tester through the rich functions of on-line support and trouble inquiries.


Manifold interfaces, handy for control

AV4992A Radio Test Set has a SD card slot besides RF and audio signals testing interfaces. Micro SD can extend the memory or copy internal data and documents.

The interfaces available are LAN   (local area network) Mini USB and USB A-type. They can enable remote control over the whole equipment, data transmission and connection to SB peripheral devices, like USB storage devices, USB mouse, USB keyboards, etc.

Major functions

It offers fantastic solutions for performance and specification tests on equipment including radio, interphones and so on using the highly qualified RF source.

Integrates double RF sources and supplies a convenient integral testing approach for evaluation of specifications covering inter-modulation of complete equipment, impedance, out-of-band suppression, etc.

AV4992A owns two RF sources, 2MHz~1GHz / 2.7GHz and 2MHz~400MHz, to respectively control output power in the modes of single output and combined output. Test complexity and cost could greatly decreased when dual-source tests are required. Meanwhile, testing set-up is facile.

Terrific spectrum purity, provides signal spur with high quality for pertaining equipment tests

Signal phase noise output by AV4992A RF source is as good as signal source of desktop equipment. -105dBc/Hz can be achieve at the phase offset of 20 kHz.

The built-in standard modulation source enables FM/AM modulation.

AV4992A RF source can input modulation signals from outside and an internal modulation source is accessible. It is equipped with AM and FM required by analog communication. Certain noise output can also be add to the internal modulation signals, to simulate actual signals more vividly and detect equipment performance.

Effective RF signal analysis provides assessments over transmitter signals in several aspects.

AV4992A RF analysis can carry out evaluation on transmission performance of your equipment in every aspect, such as monitoring and examination on transmission frequency error, RF power, signal receiving intensity, spectrum characteristics, etc. RF signal measurement and analysis as well as spectrum monitoring are also available.

Accurate audio analysis, simple for overall analysis on LF signals

The complete analysis of AV4992A on audio can accurately analyze audio frequency, voltage, SINAD, THD, etc. The embedded DVM meter can measure signals containing DC component. We offer audio oscilloscope options for your direct observation and analysis on various signals under test.

Multiple cable specification testing functions, quickly locate breakdowns

The antenna feeder testing of AV4992A can examine performance of cable voltage-SW ratio, insertion loss, and return loss through measurement on SW ratio at SWR port. The ability of distance-to-fault (DTF) localization helps further isolate breakdowns during radio system repair.





Additional information

Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 7.00 × 29.5 × 19.5 cm

Double independent RF Signal Sources

Double RF sources (you can choose one signal source for independent output, or combine the double sources inside then output them)

Option 001(default Option 002


Frequency characteristics


Freq. range

2MHz~1000MHz(Source 1) 2MHz~2700MHz(Source 1)
2MHz~400MHz(Source 2,ANT output) 2MHz~400MHz(Source 2,ANT



Freq. resolution 1Hz
Precision Identical freq. standard





Amplitude characteristics






Output level range


-5dBm~-55dBm(SWR,Source 1)

-5dBm~-65dBm(SWR,Source 1,


-10dBm~-65dBm(SWR,Source 1,



-5dBm~-100dBm(ANT,Source 1)

-5dBm~-100dBm(ANT,Source 1,


-15dBm~-100dBm(ANT,Source 1



-50dBm~-125dBm(T/R Source 1)

-50dBm~-120dBm(T/R, Source 1,


-55dBm~-120dBm(T/R, Source 1,


0dBm~-100dBm(ANT Source 2) -5dBm~-100dBm(ANT,Source 2)

Spectrum purity

Sideband phase noise ≤-95dBc/Hz (Freq. offset 20kHz) ≤-90dBc/Hz(1GHz@20KHz)



Internal AM characteristics

Freq. range 30Hz~5kHz(20Hz~20kHz is available)
AM range 0~100%


±(5%×modulation depth+2%)

(150Hz~5kHz modulation rate,10%~90% modulation depth)



External AM characteristics


Audio input

Switching load 150Ω,600Ω,1kΩ,High Z
Input level 0.05Vp~3Vp
Freq. range 300Hz~5kHz

Microphone input

Level range 20mVrms~350mVrms
Freq. range 300Hz~3kHz
AM range 0~80%
Internal FM characteristics Freq. range 30Hz~5kHz(20Hz~20kHz is available)
Freq. offset Max. 100kHz
Precision ±5%(100kHz freq. offset,150Hz~5kHz modulation rate )





External FM characteristics



Audio input

Switching load 150Ω,600Ω,1kΩ,High Z
Input level 0.05Vp~3Vp
Freq. range 300Hz~5kHz
Gradient Positive voltage generates positive freq. offset


Microphone input

Level range 20mVrms~350mVrms
Freq. range 300Hz~3kHz
Freq. offset 0Hz~80kHz
Gradient Positive voltage generates positive

freq. offset

Double audio sources (Audio 1 and Audio 2 )

Freq. range 20Hz~20kHz
Freq. resolution 0.1Hz
Freq. precision Freq. standard ±2Hz
Output level 20mVrms~1.57Vrms
Output level resolution 0.01Vrms
Output level precision ±(5%+5mV)
Harmonic distortion <3%(1kHz,1Vrms)
Output current <15mA
Output Single-tone, dual-tone, noise, single-tone + noise

RF meter

RF power meter (T/R broadband input RF power
Measurement range 10dBm~43dBm(0.01~20W)
Max. input level At +25℃ and 20W/43dBm, continues for 10

min, or sends out alarm when overheat

Precision ±1dB(20~43dBm)(Built-in attenuator)
RF freq. error meter
Capture range ±200kHz
Resolution 1Hz
Accuracy Time base ±2Hz
Intensity meter Signal receiving (Internal RF power of receiver IF


Measurement range dBm -110dBm~+43dBm


Available RF level range

T/R port -50dBm~+43dBm

ANT port

Option 001 Option 002
-110dBm~-10dBm -110dBm~-10dBm(2MHz~1GHz
Precision ±3dB

Demodulation meter

AM modulation depth meter
Range 5%~100%
Resolution 1%
Precision ±5%,1kHz modulation rate,


30%~90% modulation,3kHz LPF

FM freq. offset meter
Freq. offset range 500Hz~100kHz
Resolution 1Hz
Precision ±5%,1kHz10kHz freq. offset,


150Hz1kHz modulation rate

Spectrum analyzer (option )

Option 001(Default) Option 002
Freq. range 2MHz1GHz 2MHz2.7GHz
Sweep width 10kHz~998MHz 10kHz~2698MHz
Reference level range -80dBm~+50dBm
Resolution bandwidth range 10Hz~30kHz(with 1, 3, 10 step)
Average noise level displayed -120dBm(typical value,10kHz freq. width)


Signal source under


Audio input, demodulation signals
Audio freq.
Resolution 0.1Hz
Precision ±1Hz
Audio voltage
Audio input level 20mVp~3Vp(Measurement range 1)
1Vp~30Vp(Measurement range 2)
Precision ±(5%´measurement value+5mV)(Measurement range 1)
Distortion (THD
Display range 0~100%
Resolution 0.1%
Precision ±(5%´ measurement value +0.1%),

(within 1%~20%)

SINAD1kHz audio
Display range 0~40dB
Resolution 0.1dB
Precision ±1.5dB,(within 8dB~35dB)

DVM meter

Input freq. range DC~20kHz
Input impedance 1MΩ
Coupling AC, DC
Input level 20mVp~3Vp(Measurement range 1)
1Vp~60Vp(Measurement range 2)
Precision ±10%(Measurement range 1)

Audio oscilloscope (option)

Signal source External audio, DVM input, demodulation signals
Sweep line 1
Marker 2


Type Auto, standard, single
Pulse edge Rising edge, falling edge
Level can be triggered -60V~+60V(setting depends on measurement




Range 0.2ms/lattice to 50ms/lattice,


in the sequence of 1/2/5

Precision ±3%


Range 10mV~20V / lattice in the sequence of 1/2/5
Precision ±10%,within the whole range
Coupling Audio input AC
DVM input AC,DC
Input impedance Audio input 150Ω,600Ω,1kΩ,high impedance
DVM input 1MΩ
Bandwidth 20kHz

Cable testing

Freq. resolution 0.1MHz
Marker 3
Testing type Measurement on standing-wave ratio(SWR), return loss (RL),

cable loss (LOSS, distance-to-fault (DTF)


DTF measurement

Range:1m~100m Resolution:0.01m

Speed rate:0.00~1.00, auto choice or manual input based on cable types

Measurement accuracy:±10%

Internal time base

Aging rate 1´10-6/year
Temperature stability 1´10-6

Universal characteristics

  • Working characteristics
Working temperature. -10℃~+50℃
Storage temperature. -40℃~+70℃
External size 295mm(W)×195mm(H)×70mm(D)
Weight ≤2.6kg
Power consumption ≤25W(exclude battery recharging)



Power input form

AC, standard adapter Input of the adapter:100~240V, DC of 50/60Hz


Voltage:12V~18V(without the battery) 15V~18V(with the battery)



Built-in        standard battery

Nominal voltage:10.8V Nominal capacity:≥7000mAh
  • Input and output ports
Name Sign Interface type
RF  input  /output  interface ANT BNC
RF output interface SWR BNC
Audio  output  interface Audio  Out BNC
Audio/DVM  input  interface Audio  In/DVM BNC
GPS  signal  input  interface GPS BNC
Audio  cassette interface Audio  set Special  10-core interface


Main equipment:AV4992A Radio Test Set(2MHz~1GHz/2.7GHz)

Standard configuration:


NO. Names Remarks
1 Power cord assembly Standard tri-core power cord

Power adapter(15.0V/4.0A)

2 Quick-start Guide 2 piece
3 CD 1 piece
4 USB cable 1 piece
5 Built-in rechargeable lithium battery Included in the main unit
6 Car-mounted charger 1 piece
7 Quality Certificate 1 piece


Serial No. Names Functions Diagram
AV4992A-001 1GHz option Frequency range:2MHz~

1GHz     Defaulted option

AV4992A-002 2.7GHz option Frequency range:2MHz~


AV4992A-003 English option Language multiplication (with keys, tags, and software)
AV4992A-S01 Function of an oscilloscope
AV4992A-S02 Function of a spectrum


AV4992A-H01 User’s Manual in Chinese
AV4992A-H02 User’s Manual in English
AV4992A-H03 Programming Manual in


AV4992A-H04 Programming Manual in


AV4992A-H05 20dB attenuator -50W To extend high power measurement (connector type: N  (J,K))
AV4992A-H06 20dB attenuator -150W To extend high power measurement (connector type :N  (J,K))
AV4992A-H07 20dB attenuator -200W To extend high power

Measurement (connector type : N  (J,K))

AV4992A-H08 Audio cassette option For conversation to the outside, built-in speaker, microphone and cable.
AV4992A-H09 AV20201Ae N type low-cost M cal kit Tests and calibration of cables
AV4992A-H10 AV20201Be N type low-cost F cal kit Tests and calibration of cables
AV4992A-H11 BNC/SMA adapter Interface                   extension


: one for each)

AV4992A-H12 N/BNC adapter Interface                   extension

( N/BNC-JJ,N/BNC-KJ: one

for each)

AV4992A-H13 High impedance passive oscilloscope sensor For tests of audio input /DVM
AV4992A-H14 External GPS antenna GPS localization
AV4992A-H15 BNC cable(80cm) Extension of testing port
AV4992A-H16 Purple UTP cable Network interface control, 2M,point-to-point cable
AV4992A-H17 MicroSD Class 4 Storage extension


AV4992A-H18 Rechargeable lithium


Spare battery group
AV4992A-H19 Power adapter Spare power adapter
AV4992A-H20 Multifunction bag Protects the equipment. The harnesses fix the equipment at the neck and the waist, and liberate hands free operation on the equipment.
AV4992A-H21 Backpack Contain the main equipment, power adapter, power cord, testing cable, and various adapters; it is a backpack and handbag.
AV4992A-H22 Safe transportation case for instruments To fix packing during transportation.