FOTRIC 222s Thermal Imager

FOTRIC 222s Thermal Imager

Let The Thermal Imager Become
The Daily Tool For Engineers.

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Let The Thermal Imager Become
The Daily Tool For Engineers.

Fotric 222s universal thermal imager for engineers not only has hardware functions of a professional thermal imager, but it also adopts FOTRIC LinkIR APP, thus achieving a professional temperature measurement operating system. In addition, the thermal imager becomes more and more intelligent because of the cloud architecture embedded based on the mobile phone thermal imager, providing the engineers in all industries with a cloud storage function and remote collaborative operation.

Professional Thermal Imaging Camera Hardware

Wide Temperature Measurement
Range And High Precision

Fotric 222s brings users more returns on their
investment from maintenance, manufacture and R&D

F1.0 Professional-Grade Large Aperture Variable Focus Red Circle Lens Achieves More Excellent Imaging.

For the purpose to improve imaging quality, Fotric 222s abandons the low-cost small aperture focus-free lens and adopts the red circle lens with a higher light flux, offering more energy to detectors; moreover, it uses the variable focus design, achieving sharper pictures..

Long-Term Online Thermal Image Analysis

The online thermal imager connects to PC and captures the full temperature variation process. It can record the whole process video of impact and ageing tests and the like with as many as 6,400 temperature data saved in a frame, with a recording time of up tosix months. In addition, it is beneficial for addressing defects, looking for improvement methods and promoting reliability.

12-Hour Ultra-Long Life Battery Avoiding The Trouble Of Frequent Charging

The low-power design endows the thermal imager host with a 12-hour battery life, allowing the user to be dedicated to work.

Mobile phone full-touch screen operation Industrial-grade design and firm USB interface

Fotric 222s is easy to operate and instant and it is available with zero learning-cost.


Temperature Capture 8 Points And 8 Boxes Temperature Measurement

Automatically capture the high and low temperatures and instantly identify the fault location. Depending on the greatest advantage of thermal imaging, i.e., the simultaneous temperature measurement of multiple targets, Fotric 222s allows labor-saving detection, efficient analysis and reliable conclusion for engineers, when compared with common thermal imagers with temperature measurements for only a central point.

New Upgrade Of Picture-In-Picture Double-Vision Integration And Free Adjustment

FOTRIC 222s thermal imaging camera abandons the stiff central picture-in-picture (PIP) and adopts the newly-updated picture-in-picture to provide engineers with a better addition and correlation of the thermograph and optical image, double-vision integration as well as more accurate and convenient target location.

Capture Temperature Variation Process

FOTRIC 222s supports instantaneous analysis of a thermograph. It can analyze the thermographs taken by it, and it can compare and analyze historical data downloaded from the cloud.

15 Kinds Of Color Palette Previews Real-Time Preview Of The Color Palette

Do you still click the menus and attempt different palettes frequently just to look for the optimum imaging effect? FOTRIC 222s introduces the function of color palette preview to present engineers with the actual effect of 15 kinds of palettes of current scenes, so they can obtain the optimum palette with one click.

Automatic Thermal Picture Naming Easy Data Archiving

Scan QR code with a cell phone to name the thermal picture automatically, avoiding the tedious, low-efficient and incorrect manual entry.

Instantly Share Pictures And Reports Create Value By Sharing

Rapidly share field data and solve field problems with remote diagnosis

Record Thermal Image Video Capture Temperature Variation Process

You can record up to 1,000 frames of fully-radiometric thermal video stream with a mobile phone and capture the temperature measurement process in real time.

Professional Temperature Measurement Parameter Correction

FOTRIC 222s can set up emissivity, transmittance, measuring distance, etc., to ensure temperature accuracy.

Unique Cloud Architecture

Instant Cloud Storage No Longer Tedious For Data Management

The abundant information contained in the thermal image and FOTRIC’s unique and convenient cloud storage service will assist users in data management.

Create the inspection report with one click Time-saving and hassle-free

From now on, you can create the report with one click. You never need to spend all night preparing the report in front of the computer.

Historical Data Analysis Whenever And Wherever Possible

View, call and analyze historical data at any time without the risk of data loss.

Dynamic Collaborative Operation Increase Working Efficiency

After data management is updated, the data will be transmitted via the cloud to realize real-time progress synchronization.

Application Field

Additional information

Weight .545 kg
Dimensions 9.7 × 14.5 × 9.35 cm
Fotric 222s FOTRIC 222s-1 FOTRIC 222s-2
Thermal Sensitivity <0.1℃@30℃
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±2℃ or ±2%
Electronic Zooming 1~4 times
Detector Resolution 80×80 pixel
Temperature Measurement Range -20~350℃
Lens Professional Variable Focus Red Circle Lens
Temperature Measurement Range -20~350℃
Aperture F1.0
Aperture F1.0
Record Thermal Imaging Video With A Cell Phone support, with raw temperature data
Measurement And Analysis Automatic high and low temperature capture, 8 movable spots, 8 movable regions and 1 straight line.
Temperature Measurement Correction emissivity, reflection temperature, relative humidity, environment temperature, transmissivity and target distance
Display Mode Thermal image, visible light image, picture in picture and double-vision fusion
Color Palettes 13 color palettes such as iron oxide red, rainbow, gray, etc.
Battery Life 12-hour ultra-long battery life for thermal camera, rechargeable industrial lithium battery
Over-Temperature Alarm User-defined temperature threshold, over-temperature color and audible alarm
Picture Format standard JPEG, with original temperature data
Thermal Image Analysis On The Phone support
Field Of View (FOV) 28°×28° 28°×28° 50°×50°
Online Thermal Imager Mode NA
Standard SmartPhone NA
Operating Temperature -20℃~50℃
Thermal Camera Size 97mm×145mm×93.5mm
Weight 545g 545g 560g
Standard Configuration Thermal imager (with standard lens and battery), smartphone (limited for 222s-1 and 222s-2 only), wrist strap, USB OTG data cable, charger, warranty card and certificate of qualification
Optional Accessories FOTRIC smart terminal, FOTRIC P1 portable soft package, FOTRIC B3s R&D test station, FOTRIC C1 OTG data cable package and 4G mobile phone sim card
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