4051L Signal / Spectrum Analyzer 3Hz~67GHz

4051L Signal / Spectrum Analyzer 3Hz~67GHz


AV4051 series signal/spectrum analyzer has excellent performance in test dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude accuracy, and test speed. AV4051 series has various test functions including: high-sensitivity spectrum analysis, power measurement, IQ analysis, transient analysis, pulse parameter analysis, audio frequency analysis, analog demodulation measurement, and phase noise test etc.,

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Rear panel RF input

High/IF output

IF output

Reconstruction IF/video signal output

Wideband reconstruction IF/video signal output

Wideband logarithm wave-detection output

40MHz bandwidth digital interface

200MHz bandwidth digital interface

+24V DC power supply

Electronic attenuator

Low-noise preamplifier

Low-noise preamplifier

Low-noise preamplifier

Low-noise preamplifier

Low-noise preamplifier

Low-noise preamplifier

Low-noise preamplifier

Low-noise preamplifier

Pre-selector bypass

40MHz analyzing bandwidth

200MHz analyzing bandwidth

Audio analysis

External frequency extension

Real-time spectrum analysis option

Noise figure test channel option

Phase noise test

Analog demodulation analysis

Transient analysis

Pulse signal analysis

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Aluminum alloy transportation case

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AV4051L Signal/Spectrum Analyzer 3 Hz~67 GHz

AV4051L signal/spectrum analyzer has excellent performance in test dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude accuracy, and test speed. AV4051L has various test functions  including: high-sensitivity spectrum analysis, power measurement, IQ analysis, transient analysis, pulse parameter analysis, audio frequency analysis, analog demodulation measurement, and phase noise test etc., which can provide you reliable high-performance test service. AV4051L has good extension capacity. Its performance can further improved by flexible configuration of different options. Through various digital and analog signal output interfaces, the spectrum analyzer can take to establish test systems or get secondary development. It can be widely used for signal and equipment test in field of aviation, aerospace, radar detection, communication, electronic countermeasures, navigation etc.

Main Features:

        Wide frequency range

  • AV4051A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H Signal/Spectrum Analyzers
    3 Hz~4 GHz/9 GHz/13.2 GHz/18 GHz/26.5 GHz/40 GHz/45 GHz/50 GHz
  • 200 MHz analysis bandwidth
  • Excellent test & receiving performance
  • Comprehensive spectrum analysis capability
  • Transient analysis and signal playback
  • Abundant optional functions
  • Flexible analog & digital signal output interface
  • Easy & convenient operation


Wide frequency range

  • Frequency range  up  to
  • 8 optional  frequency  band  configurations,  more economical
  • Can be configured with broad frequency band preamplifier corresponding to the frequency band of main
  • The frequency can be extended up to 325 GHz (with external frequency extension option).

Maximum 200 MHz analysis bandwidth

  • Provide 3 analysis bandwidth configurations: 10 MHz (standard), 40 MHz, 200 MHz
  • The bandwidth can be flexibly selected: from 10 Hz to 200 MHz, more than 40
  • According to the selected bandwidth, the seamless capture time differs from 1 s to several hours.

Excellent test & receiving performance 

  • 1 GHz measurement sensitivity is -153 dBm/Hz; configured with pre-amplifier, the typical value is -167 dBm/Hz
  • 50 GHz measurement sensitivity is -133 dBm/Hz; configured with pre-amplifier, the typical value is -151 dBm/Hz
  • Full digital IF  design,  excellent  scale  fidelity  and  IF

Comprehensive spectrum analysis capability

  • Support frequency  sweep  and  FFT
  • Zero span  fast  sweep,  the  fastest  sweep  time  is 1 us
  • Accurate frequency  counting,  counting  resolution  achieves 001 Hz Sweep  points  number  can  be  arbitrarily  selected  between 101~30001
  • Can be  configured  with  6  traces,  have  abundant  marker  operation functions
  • 6 detection  modes,  3  average types
  • Support time  gate measurement
  • Test functions  of  occupied  bandwidth,  channel  power,  adjacent  channel  power
  • Test functions of power statistics, burst power, harmonic distortion, TOI, spurious emission etc.

Transient analysis and signal playback analysis

  • Frequency-domain and time-domain correlation test is helpful for understanding and deeply analyzing transient signal
  • Waterfall diagram display, analyzing the macroscopic law of analysis signal spectrum changing over
  • Simultaneously analyze the changes of analysis signal frequency, amplitude, and phase over time, to assist the test in the process of power control and frequency
  • Support 250M  samples  (64bits  accuracy)  seamless  capture  data storage
  • Multiple storage  formats  of  signal  files:  CSV,  DAT
  • Support the  playback  analysis  of  signal files

Plentiful optional functions 

  • Phase noise  test function
  • Analog demodulation  analysis function
  • Transient analysis function
  • Pulse signal  analysis function
  • Audio frequency analysis
  • External mixing test  covering  up  to 325 GHz

Flexible analog & digital signal output interfaces

  • 275 MHz~475 MHz high  IF  output,  1 Hz  frequency
  • 10 MHz~160 MHz IF output, 1 Hz frequency steps, 4-gear automatic gain control level
  • Digital reconstruction signal output, provide any IF, AM/FM demodulation and IQ demodulation signal output
  • Digital signal output, 1 X or 4 X optical fiber output channel, real-time data interface to record broadband IQ data
  • External digital  recorder,  support  two  medium  types:  SSD  and HDD

Easy & convenient operation

  • Support both  Chinese  and English
  • Humanized automatic  tuning  and  automatic scale
  • One-button measurement
  • 1 inch LCD with 1280*800 resolutions, to display the measurement results more clearly
  • Support multiple auxiliary interfaces of USB, LAN, GPIB, monitor etc. for user’s convenience


Typical Applications:

  • Comprehensive performance  assessment  of  electronic system

As a multi functional signal/spectrum analyzer, AV4051 can be widely used for the comprehensive performance assessment of electronic systems in fields of radar and communication etc., and provides high-sensitivity, large dynamic range, high-precision,  and high-efficiency solutions  for the test of wide band signal test.

  • Test and  diagnosis  of  transmitter  and  receiver

With the functions of spectrum analysis, spectral power analysis, transient analysis, phase noise test, AV4051 can provide comprehensive diagnosis service for transmitter and receiver test.

  • Can be directly used for the integration of complex test & diagnosis systems, and provide signal output, data output and result analysis for the system.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 53.4 × 51 × 19 cm
Model AV4051A/AV4051B/AV4051C/AV4051D/AV4051E/AV4051F/AV4051G/AV4051H
Frequency range 3Hz~4GHz/9GHz/13.2GHz/18GHz/26.5GHz/40GHz/45GHz/50GHz

Precision frequency reference

Frequency accuracy: ± (last calibration date × aging rate  + temperature stability  +

calibration  accuracy) Aging  rate:  ±  1´10-7/year

Temperature  stability:  ±  1´10-8   (20°C  ~  30°C)  ±  5´10-8   (0°C  ~  55°C)  (±1.5´10-8)

Calibration  accuracy:  ±  7  ´10-8

Frequency readout accuracy ± (frequency readout × frequency reference accuracy+0.1% span+5% resolution bandwidth+2Hz+0.5 horizontal resolution*)

*: horizontal resolution = span/ (sweep points number – 1)

Frequency                 counting accuracy  ± (frequency readout × frequency reference accuracy+0.1Hz)
 Span Range:0Hz (zero span), 10Hz~the highest frequency of the model Accuracy:  ±  (0.1%×  span+span/  (sweep  points number-1))

Sweep  time  range


span≥10Hz: 1ms~4000s span=0Hz: 1us~6000s

 Resolution bandwidth Range: 1Hz~3MHz (1, 2, 3, 5 steps) 4, 5, 6, 8, 10MHz Conversion uncertainty:    £ ± 0.3dB
 Video  bandwidth 1Hz~3MHz (1, 2, 3, 5 steps)    4, 5, 6, 8, 10MHz (nominal value)
Signal analyzing bandwidth  10Hz~10MHz (standard), 40MHz (option), 200MHz (option)

Storage depth



 Trigger mode Free run, power source, video, external level (front panel), external level (rear panel), RF burst, timer

Detection mode


Normal, positive peak, negative peak, sampling, average, root mean square(RMS)


Average type


Video average, power average, voltage average

 Reference level range Logarithm scale: -170dBm ~ +30dBm, with 0.01dB stepping Linear scale: 707pV~7.07V, 0.11%(0.01dB) resolution Conversion  error:  £ ± 0.2dB
Side band noise (carrier 1GHz,20°C ~ 30°C) -96dBc/Hz    100Hz

-115dBc/Hz  1kHz

-125dBc/Hz  10kHz

-125dBc/Hz  100kHz


Residual FM (center frequency

1 GHz, resolution bandwidth 10Hz, video bandwidth 10Hz)




≤(0.25 Hz x N) p-p,the nominal  value  within  20 ms N is frequency multiplication times of LO

Displayed average noise level (the input end is connected to match load, sampling or average

detection, the average type is logarithm, 0dB input attenuation, RF gain takes the sensitivity as the priority, 20°C ~ 30°C)

-153dBm/Hz  10MHz~1GHz

-151dBm/Hz  1GHz~2GHz

-150dBm/Hz  2GHz~3GHz

-148dBm/Hz  3GHz~3.6GHz

-145dBm/Hz  3.6GHz~4GHz

-148dBm/Hz  4GHz~4.4GHz

-150dBm/Hz  4.4GHz~9GHz

-148dBm/Hz  9GHz~18GHz

-143dBm/Hz  18GHz~26.5GHz

-138dBm/Hz  26.5GHz~40GHz

-133dBm/Hz  40GHz~50GHz







Frequency response  & absolute amplitude accuracy (10dB attenuation,

20°C ~ 30°C)

Frequency response:

<±0.7dB       3Hz~20MHz

<±0.5dB       20MHz~2GHz

<±0.7dB       2GHz~3.6GHz

<±1 dB         3.6GHz~4GHz

< ±1.5dB      4GHz~9GHz

< ±2.0dB      9GHz~18GHz

< ±2.5dB      18GHz~26.5GHz

< ±3.0dB      26.5GHz~50GHz

Absolute amplitude accuracy (10 dB attenuation, 20°C ~ 30°C, 1 Hz ≤resolution bandwidth≤ 1 MHz, input signal -10  ~ -50 dBm):

±0.24dB                             500MHz

± (0.24dB+frequency response)      all frequencies

1dB gain compression (mixer level,

dual-tone test, resolution bandwidth is 5kHz, 3MHz frequency interval, 20°C ~ 30°C)



-3dBm         20MHz~40MHz

+1dBm       40MHz~200MHz

+3dBm       200MHz~4GHz

-1dBm        4GHz~9GHz

+1dBm       9GHz~50GHz

TOI distortion ( input mixer 2 -10dBm

signals to test,

frequency interval is 50kHz,20℃~30℃)


< +13dBm   10MHz  ~ 4GHz

< +11dBm   4GHz  ~ 9GHz

< +13dBm   9GHz  ~ 50GHz


Residual  response  (the input end is connected to  match load, 0dB attenuation)  













200kHz~9GHz other  frequencies


response(-10dBm mixer level)


£ -80dBc

£ -76dBc

£ -80dBc

£ -80dBc

£ -80dBc

£ -80dBc

£ -70dBc

£ -70dBc

Tuning frequency(f) 10MHz~1.1GHz








Excitation frequency f+150MHz

f-150MHz f-150MHz f+150MHz f-850MHz f+850MHz f+850MHz f-850MHz

Dimensions W×H×D= 510mm×190mm×534mm (including handle, foot-pad, bottom feet) W×H×D= 426mm×177mm×460mm (excluding handle, foot-pad, bottom feet)



About 25kg (different configuration, different weight)


Power supply


AC 220/240V: 50/60Hz


Power consumption


Standby: less than 20W; operating: less than 400W


Temperature range


Operating temperature: 0°C ~ +50°C; storage temperature: -40°C ~ +70°C

Input connector AV4051A/AV4051B/AV4051C/AV4051D: type N (female), impedance: 50Ω AV4051E: 3.5mm (male), impedance: 50Ω

AV4051F/AV4051G/AV4051H: 2.4mm (male), impedance: 50Ω


  1. Rated values refer to the estimated performance, or the performance which  is  useful for the  product beyond  the warrant
  2. Typical value refers to other performance information beyond the product guarantee range; when the performance is over the technical index, 80% of the samples will present 95% confidence within 20°C ~ 30°C temperature range; typical performance excludes test uncertainty

Main unit:

AV4051A signal/spectrum analyzer 3Hz~4GHz
AV4051B signal/spectrum analyzer 3Hz~9GHz
AV4051C signal/spectrum analyzer 3Hz~13.2GHz
AV4051D signal/spectrum analyzer 3Hz~18GHz
AV4051E signal/spectrum analyzer 3Hz~26.5GHz
AV4051F signal/spectrum analyzer 3Hz~40GHz

AV4051G signal/spectrum analyzer 3Hz~45GHz

AV4051H signal/spectrum analyzer 3Hz~50GHz

  • Standard accessories:


No. Description Remark
1 Power cord Standard  3-core  power  cord
2 USB mouse
3 User manual
4 Programming manual


  • Options:











Rear  panel  RF  input

To put  the RF signal  input  interface on the  rear





High IF output

Output  secondary  IF  signal,  output   frequency range is 275MHz ~ 475MHz, stepping resolution

is 1Hz.




IF  output

Output  third  IF  signal,  output frequency range is

10MHz ~ 160MHz, stepping resolution is 1Hz。





Reconstruction IF/video signal output

To realize  IF, AM/FM  or I/Q signal output in form of  digital  reconstruction,  the   bandwidth   upper limit  is  40MHz.  (note:  H04A and  H04B  can be

selected at the same time)








Wideband reconstruction IF/video  signal  output

To realize IF, AM/FM or I/Q  signal output in  form of digital reconstruction, bandwidth range is 50MHz~100MHz.  (note:  H04B  can   only   be selected when option  H38B  with  200MHz broadband   is   selected;   H04A  and   H04B  can be

selected together)



Wideband logarithm

detection output

To  output  the  logarithm  detection  signal  which

can reflect the input signal level characteristics)








40MHz bandwidth digital interface

To output real-time broadband  collecting  data through optical fiber, support max. 40MHz bandwidth signal data  output.  (note:  H12A  cannot be selected  when  H38B  has  been  selected;  once this  option  is  selected,  H12B  and  H39  cannot  be








200MHz bandwidth digital interface

To output real-time broadband  collecting  data through optical fiber, support max. 200MHz bandwidth signal data  output.  (note:  H12B  can  only  be  selected  when  option  H38B with 200MHz

broadband is selected;once this option is selected,


H12B and H39 cannot be selected)



+24V  DC  power supply


+24V DC power supply








AV4711  data  recorder

Configured with SSD data recorder (have same interface characteristics) to realize real-time large-capacity recording  of  signal  data.  (Note: A22A can only be selected together with H12A or H12B.  For  the  recorder  capacity  selection,  please

refer to AV4711 recorder data sheet).








AV4712  data  recorder

Configured with HDD data recorder (have same interface characteristics) to realize real-time large-capacity recording of signal data. (Note: A22B can only be selected together with H12A or H12B. For  the recorder capacity selection,  please

refer to AV4712recorder data sheet).




Electronic attenuator

Frequency  range:  3Hz~4GHz,  attenuation range:

30dB, 1dB stepping.


AV4051-H34-04 AV4051-H34-09 AV4051-H34-13 AV4051-H34-18 AV4051-H34-26 AV4051-H34-40 AV4051-H34-45 AV4051-H34-50







Low-noise pre-amplifier

Can select low-waveband preamplifier or full-waveband preamplifier. When you select full-waveband preamplifier, we provide  above  4 GHz  frequency  band  noise  optimization  path. (Note: the No. of low-waveband preamplifier is H34-04.  The  full-waveband   preamplifier   should be selected according to the frequency  upper  limit  of  the main  unit. For  example,  the max. frequency of AV4051E  is  26.5GHz,  then  the full-waveband

preamplifier H34-26 should be selected)






Pre-selector bypass

To bypass the pre-selector in the  receiving channel. (option H36 is needed together with  H38A  or  H38B  to  provide  the  best wideband

signal receiving characteristics)







40MHz                      analyzing bandwidth

Support   10Hz~40MHz   analyzing   bandwidth. (note: option H38B and option H36 should be selected together  to  provide  the  best  wideband signal  receiving   characteristics,  do  not  need  to

select H38B and H38A at the same time)





200MHz                      analyzing bandwidth

Support  10Hz~200MHz  analyzing  bandwidth. (note: option H38B and option H36 should be selected   together   to   provide   the   best  wideband

signal receiving characteristics)






Audio analysis

Realize audio frequency signal parameter test, distortion test and waveform  analysis  (note: option  H12A and  H12B cannot be  selected when

selecting this option)

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