4037C Spectrum Analyzer 30Hz~13.2GHz

4037C Spectrum Analyzer 30Hz~13.2GHz


AV4037C series spectrum analyzer focuses on the optimization of performance and cost in design.This product has ten models to meet the diverse test demands.



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AV4037C  Spectrum Analyzer 30 Hz ~ 13.2 GHz

AV4037C spectrum analyzer focuses on the optimization of performance  and cost in design. This product has ten models to meet the diverse test demands. It adopts many advanced and mature technologies in the design and have excellent comprehensive   performance;   it   emphasizes   on   such   aspects   as   flexibility  of operation portability  and  fast  test  speed;  it  has  the  functions  of  self-test  and self-calibration and also has good repeatability of test data; with SCPI instruction set、VISA and IVI instrument driver library, it can improve the efficiency of program development.

This product adopts serial design ideas to meet your diverse demands and you can realize the perfect match with your demand through adding or deleting options. It has two operation interfaces including Chinese and English and 7–inch high brightness color  LCD  which  has  high  resolution 、 wide  visual  angle  to  adapt  to   various environment. It adopts 3U height of portable and sturdy cabin. It is widely applied in the fields of electronic product development 、 on-site test on production line and establishment of auto-test system.

AV4037C Main Features:

  • Wide frequency range, from 30Hz 5GHz
  • Big dynamic range,1dB compression point at 0dBm,TOI at +10dBm,DANL better than -160dBm(with built-in pre-amplifier,typical value at 1GHz)
  • Good phase noise performance,at 10kHz offset,the phase noise sideband can reach -110dBc/Hz(with low phase noise option,typical value)
  • Wide sweep time range,non-zero span, 1ms~2000s,zero span 1us~4000s。
  • High test speed, 90 times/s
  • All digital IF, high spectrum resolution, minimum resolution bandwidth can reach 1Hz(FFT option)
  • Auto calibration, good environment adaptability
  • Sweep frequency analysis and FFT analysis mode to optimize test speed and dynamic
  • 1-2-3-5 resolution bandwidth steps, realize the optimal combination of frequency span and resolution bandwidth and optimize spectrum
  • Normal、positive peak、negative peak、sample、average video detection’s,the users can make flexible choice to get wanted test results.
  • Display up to 6 traces, support the synchronized test of multiple traces under different video detection modes; provide up to 12 markers, flexible to read, support cross-trace marking of
  • Embedded and multi-task system, flexible for the storage, print and share of the measurement
  • 7-inch high brightness color LCD, high resolution、wide visual angle, clear display under the sunshine.
  • Easy menu operation、comprehensive parameter setup,support external mouse、keyboard and VGA
  • 3 USB2.0 interfaces,support mobile storage equipment and plug and play peripherals.
  • 10M/100M adaptive network
  • GPIB、LAN control,the control instruction set is in accordance with SCPI 1999.0 Provide VISA and IVI instrument driver library which is in accordance with the regulation and strictly tested, easy for users to establish auto-test system.

AV4037C Extremely low DANL

Enable the internal pre-amplifier, the displayed average noise level(DANL) will be as low as -160dBm/Hz(at 1GHz, typical value).

AV4037C Excellent phase noise performance

This product has the best phase noise performance in the medium-grade products in China. The noise sideband of 1GHz, at 10 kHz offset can reach -110dBc/Hz (typical value).

AV4037C Fast test speed

This product has the fastest test speed among the medium-grade products in China. Non-zero span sweep time can be as low as 1ms and the test speed can reach 90 times /s.

AV4037C Multiple average detection modes

This product provides three average detection modes: power (RMS), voltage and Logarithm power. Users can select suitable average detection mode according to the features of signal to be tested to get accurate average data.

AV4037C  Multi-trace synchronized test and flexible marker reading

This product can display up to 6 traces and 12 markers, support users to activate multiple traces simultaneously, select different video detection modes to make synchronized test on signals. This product has flexible marker functions; users can activate multiple markers simultaneously on multiple traces. It also supports cross-trace marking of marker to test relative parameters.

AV4037C English operation interface, wide color LCD

This product can provide Chinese/English operation interface and users can select through the menu according to different applications. With 7 inch high brightness color LCD, the setting of instrument parameter becomes clear and the trace can still be displayed very clearly under sunshine.

AV4037C Powerful interfaces

Except for timebase and trigger interface, this product also provides three data communication interfaces, including USB, GPIB and LAN, to meet the demand of data file transmission and program control applications. The VGA interface can provide video information, which is synchronized with the LCD, for convenience of monitoring or demonstration.


Additional information

Weight 12.5 kg
Dimensions 39.3 × 46.5 × 14.4 cm

Test of various transmitters and oscillators

AV4037C spectrum  analyzer  can  be  used  in  the  research、manufacture  debugging and test of various LO of transmitter、signal sources and oscillators. It can test such specifications as frequency power, parasitic, harmonic distortion, phase noise and modulation.

Devices and components performance test

Except for the regular spectrum analysis applications, AV4037C spectrum analyzer, combined with signal source, can establish a scalar network testing system  of large dynamic range, which can test the parameters of filter, amplifier, cable and connectors, such as gain, insertion loss, frequency response, bandwidth and harmonic distortion; with an additional electric bridge, they can also test the reflection parameters. AV4037C can work together with two synthesized signal sources to test parameters of amplifier and mixers, such as gain compression and TOI distortion.

Electronic products production line test 、 outfield maintenance and repair

AV4037C spectrum analyzer is middle high class spectrum analyzer. It has the characteristics of fast test speed、high accuracy and flexible reading of results which makes it very suitable for on-site test for production line.

AV4037C spectrum analyzer realizes the perfect combination of test performance and  mechanical  structure.  It  not  only  reduces  the  size , weight  and  power

consumption of complete machine, but also keeps high performance . It is very suitable for outfield test applications, especially for on-site fault diagnosis and maintenance.

Establishment of auto-test system

AV4037C  spectrum analyzer has great connectivity and its controlling instruction set complies with SCPI 1999.0 regulation. It provides VISA and IVI instrument driver library which is in accordance with the regulation and strictly tested, easy for users to establish auto-test system.


Frequency and Time Technical Specifications





Frequency range

AV4037 Series:

AV4037A              30 Hz  ~ 3 GHz

AV4037B              30 Hz  ~ 6 GHz

AV4037C              30 Hz  ~ 13.2 GHz

AV4037D              30 Hz  ~ 18 GHz

AV4037                30 Hz  ~ 26.5 GHz

AV4037M series:

AV4037MA           9 kHz  ~ 3 GHz

AV4037MB           9 kHz  ~ 6 GHz

AV4037MC           9 kHz  ~ 13.2 GHz

AV4037MD           9 kHz  ~ 18 GHz

AV4037M             9 kHz  ~ 26.5 GHz



10MHz frequency reference

AV4037 series standard configuration 、 AV4037M series precise frequency reference options

Aging rate: ±0.05ppm/year(after 30 days continuous power-on)

Temperature stability:±0.05ppm(0℃~+50℃,relative to +25℃) AV4037M series standard configuration

Aging rate: ±1ppm/year(after 30 days of continuous power-on)

Temperature stability: ±1ppm(0℃~+50℃,relative to +25℃)

Frequency readout accuracy Frequency Readout Accuracy

±(frequency readout ×frequency reference error+(0.5%+1/(sweep points-1))frequency span+5% resolution bandwidth+10 Hz)

Frequency counting accuracy and counting resolution Frequency counting accuracy : ± (frequency readout× frequency reference error+frequency counting resolution+residual FM)

Counting resolution:1 Hz -10 kHz,10 times step selectable



Frequency sweep span

Range: AV4037A 、AV4037MA       0Hz,100Hz~3 GHz

AV4037B、AV4037MB        0Hz,100Hz~6 GHz

AV4037C、AV4037MC        0Hz,100Hz~13.2 GHz

AV4037D、AV4037MD       0Hz,100Hz~18 GHz

AV4037、AV4037M            0Hz,100Hz~26.5 GHz

Accuracy:±(0.5%+2/(sweep points-1))×frequency span


Sweep time

Range:       1us~4000s(frequency span = 0Hz) 1ms~2000s(frequency span ≥ 100Hz)

Accuracy:    ±1%(frequency span=0 Hz,frequency sweep analysis)

Trigger mode Free run、single、video、external


Resolution bandwidth

Range:  AV4037 series        1Hz~5MHz,1-2-3-5 step AV4037M series       10Hz~5MHz,1-2-3-5 step

Accuracy:                ±5%(1Hz~3MHz);±20%(5MHz) Conversion uncertainty:     ±0.5dB

Video bandwidth Range:              1Hz~5MHz,1-2-3-5 step,50MHz
Amplitude Accuracy and Range Technical Specifications

Reference level range


Min 0.01 dB step(the step is 1% of currently displayed test range)

Uncertainty of reference level ±0.3dB(10dB input attenuation,0~-80dBm reference level conversion)
Display scale fidelity ±0.5dB       (-10dBm ≥ input mixer signal level ≥ -90dBm)




Frequency response

(10dB input attenuation,20~ 30℃)

AV4037A、B、MA、MB(pre-amplifier off) 10MHz~3GHz        ±0.8dB

3GHz~6GHz                ±1.0dB

AV4037A、B、MA、MB(pre-amplifier on) 10MHz~3GHz        ±1.2dB

3GHz~6GHz                ±1.5dB

AV4037、C、D、M、MC、MD 10MHz~3.1GHz                                    ±1.5dB

3.1GHz~6.5GHz          ±2.0dB

6.5GHz~18GHz           ±2.5dB

18GHz~26.5GHz         ±4.0dB

Absolute amplitude test accuracy







Input attenuator


AV4037A、B、MA、MB                  0~40dB,1dB step

AV4037、C、D、M、MC、MD       0~70dB,10dB step conversion uncertainty(50MHz,10dB input attenuation as reference):

AV4037A、B、MA、MB                  ±0.5dB

AV4037、C、D、M、MC、MD       ±(0.1dB+0.01dB×

attenuator setup)



RF input VSWR

(input attenuation≥10dB)

AV4037A 、 B 、 MA 、 MB 50MHz~4.8GHz           ≤1.5:1

4.8GHz~6GHz       ≤1.8       :1

AV4037、C、D、M、MC、MD 50MHz~6.5GHz      ≤1.5      :1

6.5GHz~13.2GHz     ≤1.8     :1

13.2GHz~26.5GHz     ≤2.0    :1


Max safe input level

CW power                  +30dBm(1W)(≥10dB input attenuation)

DC voltage                  0Vdc(DC coupled),±50Vdc(AC coupled)



Display scale

Log scale: 0.1、0.2、0.5dB/div and 1~20dB/div,1dB step,totally 10 divs

Linear scale:  10 divs

Amplitude unit:  dBm、dBmV、dBuV、Volts、Watts

Detection mode Normal,Positive peak,negative peak, sample, average,

Pre-amplifier frequency range

AV4037A、MA            100kHz~3GHz

AV4037B、MB            100kHz~6GHz

AV4037、C、D、M、MC、MD do not have pre-amplifier option

Dynamic Range Technical Specifications


1 dB gain compression poin(t  dual-tone test,total RF signal input power of mixer )


50MHz~6GHz             >0dBm(pre-amplifier off)

>-15dBm(pre-amplifier on)

AV4037、C、D、M、MC、MD 50MHz~6.5GHz         > 0dBm

6.5GHz~13.2GHz       >-3dBm

13.2GHz~26.5GHz     >-5dBm
















Displayed average noise level(input port connected with

match load,0 dB

input attenuation, sample detection)

AV4037A、B(1Hz RBW,1Hz VBW,pre-amplifier off) 100kHz~1MHz       <-130dBm

1MHz~10MHz             <-142dBm

10MHz~3GHz             <-135dBm

3GHz~6GHz                <-133dBm

AV4037A、B(1Hz RBW,1Hz VBW,pre-amplifier on) 100kHz~1MHz       <-145dBm

1MHz~10MHz             <-155dBm

10MHz~3GHz             <-151dBm

3GHz~6GHz                <-150dBm

AV4037MA、MB(10Hz RBW,1Hz VBW,pre-amplifier off) 100kHz~1MHz       <-120dBm

1MHz~10MHz             <-132dBm

10MHz~3GHz             <-125dBm

3GHz~6GHz                <-123dBm

AV4037MA、MB(10Hz RBW,1Hz VBW,pre-amplifier on) 100kHz~1MHz            <-135dBm

1MHz~10MHz             <-145dBm

10MHz~3GHz             <-141dBm

3GHz~6GHz                <-140dBm

AV4037、C、D(1Hz RBW,1Hz VBW) 1MHz~10MHz             <-142dBm

10MHz~3.1GHz           <-140dBm

3.1GHz~6.5GHz          <-142dBm

6.5GHz~13.2GHz        <-135dBm

13.2GHz~18GHz         <-132dBm

18GHz~26.5GHz         <-130dBm

AV4037M、MC、MD(10Hz RBW,1Hz VBW) 1MHz~10MHz             <-132dBm

10MHz~3.1GHz           <-130dBm

3.1GHz~6.5GHz          <-132dBm

6.5GHz~13.2GHz        <-125dBm

13.2GHz~18GHz         <-122dBm

18GHz~26.5GHz         <-120dBm

Dynamic Range Technical Specificationscontinued


Second harmonic distortion

(single-tone signal



10MHz~200MHz <-65dBc(input power level of mixer -30dBm) 200MHz~1.5GHz <-80dBc(input power level of mixer -30dBm) 1.5GHz~3GHz        <-70dBc(input power level of mixer -10dBm)


10MHz~1.55GHz <-70dBc(input power level of mixer -30dBm) 1.55GHz~3.1GHz    <-80dBc(input power level of mixer -10dBm)

>3.1GHz              <-100dBc(input power level of mixer -10dBm)

TOI distortion

(dual-tone signal input with interval

≥50kHz ,input power level of mixer -30 dBm,20~30℃)

AV4037A 、 B 、 MA 、 MB 100MHz~3GHz            <-80dBc

3GHz~6GHz                <-80dBc

AV4037、C、D、M、MC、MD 100MHz~3.1GHz         <-80dBc

3.1GHz~6.5GHz          <-80dBc

6.5GHz~13.2GHz        <-74dBc

13.2GHz~26.5GHz       <-74dBc

Input spurious response

(single-tone signal input, mixer power

level -10dBm)



In-band response(offset from carrier>30kHz):       <-60dBc Out-band response:                           <-80dBc


Residual response

(RF input matched, 0dB input attenuation)


pre-amplifier off            < -90dBm

pre-amplifier on            < -105dBm

(frequency of exception:2.9572GHz、3.6GHz、4.1572GHz、6GHz)


< -90dBm




Noise sideband

(center frequency 1GHz)

AV4037 series standard configuration、AV4037M series low phase noise option

frequency offset>1kHz                ≤-90dBc/Hz

frequency offset>10kHz              ≤-105dBc/Hz frequency offset>100kHz            ≤-110dBc/Hz

AV4037M series standard configuration

Frequency offset>10kHz             ≤-90dBc/Hz frequency offset>30kHz              ≤-100dBc/Hz frequency offset>100kHz            ≤-110dBc/Hz



Residual FM

AV4037 series(10Hz RBW、10Hz VBW、20ms peak-peak value)

≤ 2Hz×N               (N is the order of harmonics)

AV4037M series(1kHz RBW、1kHz VBW、100ms peak-peak value)

≤ 100Hz×N           (N is the order of harmonics)

General Specifications

Power supply

50Hz single-phase AC power supply,nominal voltage 220V Steady state voltage range:nominal value ±10%

Steady state frequency range:nominal value ±5%


Power consumption

AV4037A、B、MA、MB                   <100W

AV4037、C、D、M、MC、MD         <150W


Temperature range

Operation temperature:0℃~+50℃ Storage temperature:-40℃~+70℃
Safety in accordance with GJB 3947A-2009 article 3.10
Electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with GJB 3947A-2009 article 3.9


Without handle、pad、side straps:    320 mm×133 mm×400 mm With handle、pad、side straps:       393 mm×144 mm×465 mm


AV4037A、B、MA、MB                   about 11.5 kg

AV4037、C、D、M、MC、MD         about 12 .5kg

Ordering Information

Main unit

  • AV4037A Spectrum Analyzer 30Hz~3GHz
  • AV4037B Spectrum Analyzer 30Hz~6GHz
  • AV4037C Spectrum Analyzer 30Hz~13.2GHz
  • AV4037D Spectrum Analyzer 30Hz~18GHz
  • AV4037   Spectrum Analyzer 30Hz~26.5GHz
  • AV4037MA Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz~3GHz
  • AV4037MB Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz~6GHz
  • AV4037MC Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz~13.2GHz
  • AV4037MD Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz~18GHz
  • AV4037M    Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz~26.5GHz

Standard configuration:

No. Name Description
1 Power cord Standard 10A 3-phase power cord
2 User’s    manual Guiding file of instrument operations
3 Programming manual Guiding file of program control design of instrument
4 Certificate of conformity Recording the information of model, serial number, date and inspector


No. Option Function



FFT  analysis option

Dramatically improve the spectrum analysis speed under narrow resolution bandwidth, realize the test capability under 1Hz resolution bandwidth.
AV4037-H01 Low phase noise option greatly improve the near end phase noise of LO and residual  FM performance.


Precise frequency reference


Provide high stability frequency reference signal and improve the accuracy of frequency test over an order level.


Built-in pre-amplifier


Improve the noise figure of complete machine

receiving channel, and  improve  power  test  sensibility as  high  as 15dB.


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