S-Parameter Test Module

  • 3643P Millimeter wave VNA extender 75 GHz 110 GHz

    (Old module is AV3645A )
    • Frequency coverage: 40 GHz~500 GHz.
    • Windows 7 operating system, Chinese menu, as well as English menu
    • Various calibration methods such as frequency response, single port, response isolation, dual port, TRL and so
    • Applicable to different types of vector network analyzer
    • Realizing spread spectrum measurement of two-port vector network analyzer by 3640A. A uniform miniaturization and tilt panel design is adopted at different frequency Universal platform, easy to operate, and higher test efficiency.

    Ceyear 364X series VNA Frequency Extender

    $39,750.00 Price for two unit, need 2 unit in a solution